Fyra the Fire Dragon
Me: Ok, Fyra, you ready to try the chocolate challenge?

Fyra: Yeah!

Me: Alright then... *presents her a bar of chocolate*

Fyra: That kinda looks like poop...

Me: Come on, it's not REALLY poop!

Fyra: Ok... *nibbles a tiny square, then breathes fire onto the rest of the chocolate and melts it*

Me: Why did you do that? You nearly singed my fur!

Fyra: I just realized...

Me: What?

Fyra: ...That I'm allergic to chocolate.

Peck: *peeks through the doorway and sticks out her tongue*

Me: *turns around to face Peck* That was very rude!

Fyra: It's ok. I don't mind it.

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