alright so this is kind of a true story

here goes nothing

so once i was minding my own business, durping around, in jamaaa...

when i saw it


so i bought the tomatoes and placed them in my den and i started laughing uncontrollably because hey: they're tomatoes.

so once the tomatoes grew i put them in the tomato basket (vegetable basket thing) and put it in my den beside the potato basket.

the next few days didn't go well for me

(now for the not-real part)

i was visited by fairies

the potato fairy and the tomato fairy

my friends thought i was crazy

so the fairies both argued about how they didn't like their plants being close together

so i sighed and i moved the vegetables.

they were happy and they gave me a tomato hat and a potato hat.

i wore the tomato hat more than the potato hat just because i loved tomatoes more (i actually do)

so people started laughing at me and i just got angry and turned into a tomato (because i was tomato red)

and started attacking people with insults.

the end

(yet another awesome, nonsensical story by me)