Zwhizzzz! Whzzzz! Whzzzz! Black streaks went flying through the air, each being sliced into small black powdery strands of fabric by a dark red sword. Whzzzz! Whzzzz! Whzzzz! Three more black streaks came flying at the red avian, all three being torn into oblivion in one massive slice. "I -" The cardinal started, pausing to slash another phantom plushie. "- Will -" Whzzzz! Another plushie torn apart. "- Get - " Whzzzz! The next plushie got impaled, swung in a circle, and flung into some bushes. "- My -" Whzzzz! The next phantom plushie got impaled head on and stuck to near the handle of the sword. "- Revenge!" As he finished his sentence, he got hit in the face by a phantom plushie he didn't notice and blacked out.

Almost a day later...

He groaned, opening his eyes. How hard did that stupid phantom plushie hit him? Must've been pretty hard to give him blurry vision and knock him out. "I'm suprised Topaz managed to throw the phantom plushie that hard." A white blur which the cardinal identified as Diamond commented. Garnet opened his beak to reply. "You're lucky you had a helmet... that would've shattered your skull if you didn't have it on..." "WHERE IS MY SWORD AND WHERE IS MY HELMET?!" Garnet screeched, panicked.

"Your sword is right here." Diamond pointed to a dark red blur in Garnet's vision that was supposed to be his sword. "As for the helmet... the impact broke it so Citrine is repairing it."


"Topaz is out teaching the Magnet Squad. You should probably rest."

"REST IS FOR THE WEAK!" Garnet then got hit in the face by a phantom plushie, but not as hard as the first phantom plushie. He still got knocked out and Diamond shot a very annoyed glare at the yellow avian that was Topaz.

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