Garnet: *looks at infinite cookie jar through small hole in tree trunk* I wonder what cookies taste like... wait, why don't I find out?

*Garnet sneaks to the door of the cookie tree's hollow, completely ignoring the fact that the tree itself grows cookies and instead focusing on the magical infinite cookie jar*

Garnet: This should be easy... *not bothering to be quiet, stabs the door open at the hinges, barges in, and is eventually face to face with a security laser, a visible one that has no color, not even white or black*

*Garnet sneaks past the lasers loudly and approaches the middle where there is the cookie jar on a wooden table*

Garnet: At las- *realizes there are lasers on all 8 sides of the circular table* - Darn it! *aims the signature sword made out of the garnet gem*

*Garnet tries to slice a laser but it burns the point of his sword clean off*

Garnet: AAAAHHHH!!!! *runs out screaming, not caring how many security lasers he set off*

Wynde: *facewing, sitting outside munching on a cookie* He does realize the tree itself grows cookies, right?

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