Jordan, 18 yr old girl who had black hair and blue eyes, she also had a necklace she kept hidden under scarves, her hoodies or just make it look like a chain. Her face was a little round her eyes were an almond like shape. She often wore black hoodies and worn out jeans, With a blue shirt. Her hair was below her shoulders about mid back, she was walking down the trail in the woods, it was a rainy day, the trail was a bit muddy, she didn't really care, she kept walking even thought she was soaked to the bone. She promised her friend to meet in the woods at 10:30 at night, her friend wasn't at the woods yet, it worried her.

“Great, Rick is ditching me again!?” she stifled a breath. A snap of a twig was heard she spun to her right and saw Rick. Rick was a young boy, about 19 he was Jordan's best friend. His hair was honey blond, he had brown eyes and had tan skin, he was prepared for today it seemed. Because he was in a coat and a cap.

“You're late... Like always.” Jordan said in a frustrated tone.

“Well, My mom wouldn't let me come without a coat an a hat cause 'I'll get a cold..' you know what I mean Jordan.” his necklace was visible, his was an emerald, not sapphire. 

“Your necklace is visible.. Did your mom see it?” Jordan asked in a calm way

“No. I hid it with my scarf. Here. You look frozen.” he took of his jacket and handed it to her

“No, no Keep it Rick. I'm not cold...” She said with a light shiver and took it any way knowing he would've force her to put it on, he wasn't the type to go “Oh Alright” it was warm but a little wet.

“That's better. Now, about our necklace's, find anything out?” he asked grinning

“Nope! Not one bit... But I think I know where they where made.”

“Should we go tonight? Or tomorrow?” he asked sighing.“Tomorrow. And I should go home before my mom gets suspicious you were 30 minutes late this time...” She said in an accent witch she often lost control of, she was actually from Britain. Rick started laughing.

Suddenly they both fell silent. SNAP! They turned around wildly and met two dark gray skinned people... Not people elves.

"Uh Rick..? Rick?" Jordan asked uneasily

"Jordan..... RUN!" he snapped and Jordan didn't hesitate if he told her anything she most likely would listen.

An arrow wheezed past her cheek slightly grazing her, Jordan kept running.

"Only this time another arrow swept past her only, it was heading over her head to behind her where Rick and the others where.

Some one grabbed her arm. He was armed with a sword at his hip and bow in his hand.

"Whats your name?" he questioned his voice was deep, it seemed he didn't care it was raining.

"J-Jordan" She managed quickly not glancing up to look at his face.

"Ah, hang on." He picked her up to his shoulders and jumped up a tree with ease

"Eh?.... What are you doing?" Jordan said angrier than she was when he grabbed her arm.

"Taking you to safety... I am guessing the Dark Elves wanted you. Or your friend."

"Oh great so are you an Elf?"

"Yes. My name is Ithriel. Prince of High Elves. Or Elves if you want to call us by the short term."

"Ehhhh..... Can I call you Ithi?"


"Nothing! I didn't say anything..."

Another arrow hissed past.

"They smell the blood from your cheek."

"W-What?!? So they sorta have super smelling?!?" Jordan asked annoyed

Ithriel didn't reply well, he did only with a sigh which annoyed Jordan greatly.

"So why are you saving a Human?"

"You're not a human...." he grunted he obviously was annoyed.

"Oh yeah i am a Elf.. TOTALLY!" She growled sarcastically

"Correct. Your friend was Human."

"What?!? I am not an Elf!" she almost yelled.

"Shush! You will allow them to track us easily!"


"We're here..."


"My camp. I'll have medics look at your cheek in case the arrow was poisoned. Dark Elves are silent attackers."

"Well I guess we're lucky that they stepped onto a twig.."

"Lucky? If the arrow had poison your dead." He muttered.

"Whoa smart guy.... I'm not dead.."

"Ah, Sister." he said looking at a white haired female

"Good morning should i look at her?"

He nodded "Possibly a poisoned arrow."

"Eh? oh great.." Jordan face-palmed

The white haired Elf laughed. "You young noble..."

"Noble?? What?"

Ithriel sighed. "Black haired High Elves are normally nobles..."

"Oh great, now I'm a noble?"

"Do you know how to fight?"


"Do you know how to fight?"

His thick brown eyes met her blue eyes and held them for a second, his face was the same shape as rick's only he had a scar under his lip. His eyes where like they were willing her to speak.

"Well... I do know a few things about archery... And fencing, or sword fighting."

"Good, after my Sister checks if there is poison, from the arrow.I will start training, we are at war."

"Wait girl elves fight?" Jordan's pure blue eye's widened. as he nodded while walking away

"Well come here." The white haired Elf said.

"Okay.... So your name is?"

"Liliam, Or Lilly in English" she smiled

"Okay i will call you Lilly. So your a medic?"

"No priestess. I can sense poison i know its strange.."


"No, your safe. thank goodness."

"should i go to Ithriel...?"

"Yes, He is in discussion with his lead general currently."

She walked around nervously and uneasy because she couldn't stop worrying about Rick. She paced back and forth. waiting for them to come out and so she could ask if she could leave, Lilly bandaged her cuts. But she was still shaking for some reason. It could have been the magic she some how sensed, or it could've been the fact that she was an elf noble. Some how she knew it was all true. Lilly laid a comforting hand on her should and said something Jordan didn't hear. she kept thinking, Why me? Why is it always me?...

"Jordan?" Lilly asked


"They found your friend. He isn't hurt he was just scraped on his arm. But, the weapon he was hit with was poisoned..."

Jordan's eyes widened and tear blurred her vision Lilly hugged her and let her cry into her shoulder, she felt welcomed here for an odd reason. She was taken to a tent that was put up for her because Ithriel told some men that she would be staying with the camp. Jordan laid down on the mat and fell asleep quickly. She woke up in a dark cavern with the sounds of dripping water... Wait this is a dream... she thought looked around until she saw some one. A Dark Elf?!

he was staring right at her, his eyes where red. Well the only visible eye was red, the other was covered by his silver hair, a downward scar ran down his face to his cheek, That's why he has his hair over his eye? Jordan glanced around no one else was there her vision came to him again, Jordan felt like she knew him..

"who are you?" she asked but her voice didn't work he glanced around with a puzzled gaze.

Jordan repeated his eyes or rather eye, looked at her and asked in a deep voice that was semi musical like the High Elves', only his was full of despair, hate and loneliness.

"Where are you stranger... Show yourself!"

"Uh right in front of you?" she muttered.

She woke up from the dark cavern she had sweat beads on her cheek she sat up, It was morning birds where cheeping, it was in a pattern she look at the foot of the mat and saw some armor and clothing, i guess training start today?... Jordan slipped into the armor and clothing, it fit her perfectly. she liked the armor i was breathable and light. she walked out of her tent and went for a walk in the forest, Jordan loved the outdoors, she walked down a hill and saw Ithriel practicing archery even though his mark was perfect when ever he hit the target it landed in the bullseye. he turned around when Jordan said wow queitly

"Jordan!" Ithriel called.

"Hey, nice shot." she said waving at him. she walked towards him once she reached where he was standing he tossed a wooden sword.

"Oh, wooden swords..."

"Your new to this, in a few weeks we'll use real swords."

"Few weeks huh? Or few days." Jordan lunged with the wood sword catching him by surprise he got whacked on the leg pretty hard he grinned with amusement as he swung at her as well

"I know a few thing about fencing or sword fighting huh?" he chuckled "You know more than a 'little!' you've got a pretty strong whack as well."

She dodged the wood sword. and struck him in the gut this time lighter.

"That was.... a tap...." he almost started laughing

"Well i do not want to hurt my Sensei.."

"Sensei...?? What?!?"

"Sensei.." She grinned and waved her eye brows as they clashed wood on wood she noticed a red head in the background watching them she got stuck on the back she grunted and returned the blow onto Ithreil.

"What where you looking at?"

"There was a red headed elf in by the tree over there.... She was in a red dress and was wearing red gloves." She complained knowing that he struck her back hard enough to leave a pretty strong bruise.

"Sorry about your back, strange, I have never heard of a red headed elf before..."

"She looked.... I'm not sure how to say it?... Familiar... Like i should know her know what i mean?" Jordan asked solemnly

"Alright. Well we're done for today i think we have the same amount of bruises." He added in a kind yet teasing tone.

"Mk, I'll continue my walk then." She took a deep breath as the memories of the night before flooded her mind a tear rolled down her face and she sighed again, she waved and smiled at Ithreil who smiled back and continued to walk to the camp.

She continued to walk along in the forest a cold flake hit her nose, she glanced up and saw snow just starting to fall she just remembered why it seemed strange, it was the middle of November.

"First time i've been in snow..." Jordan thought out loud

"Really, it normally snows in late November." the deep voice was almost familiar.

she turned around almost bumping into a tall male, she blinked and looked up, its was a Dark Elf!!

"Why do i know you..?" He asked bending down his face inches from hers.

"Heh.... Not sure...." She stumbled almost frightened.

He grinned "Your afraid because i'm a Dark Elf no?"

Jordan nodded.

"Ah no need." he ruffled her hair witch disturbed Jordan greatly. His touch was gentle...?

He stood up straight and muttered a curse noticing what side of the forest he was on.. a ruby? Jordan saw a red gem on or slightly under his scarf.

He lept up into a tree not missing the branch he headed for, this, was the Dark Elf from her dream, she thought she was dreaming again.

"Are you alright..?" she heard a female's voice behind her.

Do not be a Dark Elf do not... PLEASE!! turning around she saw the redheaded Elf again.

"Do not be afraid, its alright Jordan."

"H-how...." Jordan stopped

"I know your name cause i know you. And who you are daughter of Zyneith."

"Zyneith? You mean Ithreil's general?" Jordan asked

"Indeed, ask him about his lost daughter, that is all i can tell you. Good bye" with that she turned around and walked until she vanished, a huge roar escaped the air and tree's in the distance bent under the strength of the wind....

she ducked as a sword swung past her head, her and Ithreil were sparing again, she had increased in speed.... Ithreil, he was the same master swordsman. He noticed she wasn't very focused but enough to dodge his attacks.

"Jordan..? What's on your mind?" He asked in a gentle tone.

"Huh?? Oh, you know that elf that i mentioned last practice? Well, i saw her again yesterday, but, i am confused she spoke in riddles. And when she left and when i couldn't see her, A roar shook the groove and the tree's bent under strong wind." Jordan felt as if she should know that elf though she couldn't quite rap her mind around it.

"Ah, the tree's bent...?" He murmured some curse in elvish. "Looks like she owns a dragon.... A large one."

"Whoa whoa whoa! Dragons?!?"

He nodded, "Dragons are common in these parts, but on the dark elf borders there are only black and red dragons seeing that it is darker there, along with timber wolves, and.... Were wolves."

"Okay let me get this straight.. Were wolves and vampires are real?"


Jordan muttered a few words and Ithreil called off practice. Before she was able to leave, Zyneith walked up to her and started asking questions about her past life, she answered but it made her uncomfortable. Apparently Zyneith understood how she felt and stopped asking questions. Jordan remembered what the redheaded elf said..

"i heard you have a missing daughter...?"

His eyes widened in shock, "How did you learn of this?!?"

"I'm sorry i didn't mean to upset you..."

"Its fine, I guess i may well tell some one, Well, yes, when she was only about one, our house burnt down, i can only suspect she was killed in the fire.."

"but what if she wasn't?"

"Then i will never know..."

"Well, i was gonna go for a walk would you like to come?" Jordan asked the elderly elf

He sighed "Why not. I was thinking about going on one myself." Zyneith replied.

they talked about some things and Jordan mentioned that she felt like they were being watched.

she looked around... She found nothing.

"Jordan, your amulet is glowing." Zyneith said in an astonished voice.

Look up young one...

Jordan did as the voice said she looked up, a large blue dragon was in a tree, her tail was dangling from the large branch it was on.


"What is it?" Zyneith looked up as well and gaped at the dragon who was obviously amused by the glint in her eyes.

"So a dragon has been watching us..." she muttered

Indeed i have, young halfbreed. I am your dragon, your amulet was crafted by dark elf hands, and yet you have no knowledge of where it came from, so, i ask of you to allow me to serve you in your time of need.

Jordan stood in awe, a dragon asking to serve her...

"I would like your help... But i will not allow myself to be higher than you dragon." Jordan said a politely she could.

I see, your wise, you would rather choose to not be a noble, but i must add, We are linked any way, i come from deep within the shadow woods your mother found me as a hatchling and made that sapphire from one of my scales. You wear that necklace i am aware of everything you think and do.

not creepy.

The dragon laughed in Jordan's mind.

and if your wondering who your mother is, She was a dark elf your father.... Well, look to your right.

Jordan was shocked the only one to her right was Zyneith.

correct. the dragon said.

Hold it, Zyneith is my father.... That means....

Indeed. Its does. Dark elves call you A shadow elf... High elves will call you a halfbreed. it really does not matter what you prefer Jordan.

"Jordan. Your getting pale maybe we should get back to camp." Zyneith interrupted her thoughts

"Okay.." Jordan let a small shiver run through her body and followed Zyneith to the camp.

She soon began to wonder about 'Shadow elves." What were they WHO where they? Where they a forgotten race? What about Dwarves are they real? SHe had so many questions she accidentally muttered one loud enough for Zyneith to hear.

"What was that?"

"Hmm?, OH nothing..." she looked up in a tree, Its limbs and trunk seemed as if was frosted with snow.

She felt a tingle that she wasn't being watched by someone other than Zyneith, which was possible, it could be 'her' dragon maybe... She glanced around she sensed magic... Dark magic... SHe sensed only Good,healing,light magic in her dragon. Muttering a curse she located it, she Used a spell to find the postion of the person/people and she found them... about thirty drak elves fully armored where in a large enough tee to hold them..

"An ambush!" She said to Zyneith.

"What?!? How do you know this..?"

"I can sense magic. GO hurry we must make it to camp before they attack" She urged they soon where both sprinting. they entered the camp. She was panting and out of breath Zyneith was barely even Fazed. Ithreil and a group of elves had confused looks.

"An ambush of about 20-30 Dark elves are coming this way..." She said in between gasps for air.

"You know this how..?" Ithreil asked with disbelief in his eyes..

"Okay, what if she's right?" Asked lilly.

Thank you Lilly...

"Proof?" all the others asked..

"Ugghhh, I may be new here but you have to trust me!"

"So says the one claiming there are Dark elves who descovered our camp.." every one But Lilly, Zyneith, and Ithriel stated that

"Okay fine. Scryeth." she said in a voice that she never used before it was a spell she never heard of.. An image of the enemies was shown they where tracking the boot prints of they're shoes


"You led them right to us!!" most inquired.

"Okay fine what ever. Me and general Zyneith where on our way back we got half way here before i sensed them."

"Ah... So do we attack them or let them come to us?"

"I would say attack them with a barrier with magic..." Lilly stated.

"No, to much energy.. we need something simple." Ithreil stated.

"In fact i have just the plan... Ambush the ambush. Simple as that" She held a giggle after that, evry one started to laugh so she joined in. Ah why are elves so merry?

"That is quite the plan Jordan." a man in a tan hood stated his face was covered. Jordan had never seen this person before.

Every one turned to face the stranger. but within seconds he vanished into the thin shadows of the tree's

"By Brisingiir! A Shadow Elf!" an elf in full armor gasped.

"Shadow elf?" Jordan asked.

Ithreil murmured something "A mixture of a Dark elf and High elf.... They are not common... most get killed by their own powers.. For instance: They couldn't die from an over use of magic. But they can be killed if they use necromancy..."

"Necromancy is real oh gosh everything is real huh?"

"Vampires.... Suretuggles... pretty much..." Lilly added..

"Okay they are closer now what..?" Zyneith asked.

"We attack before they find camp." Jordan said. she almost always wore her light armor. She was in it now.

Some elves got suited up other than that. Most where already in armor.

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