Wolfy was messing around on her laptop, thinking of a new story to do. She was completely bored, and tired. Wolfy was about to write a story when a familiar face appeared behind her.

"WolfyJerk?! I thought you died!" Wolfy jumped out of her chair in shock. "Well, I'm not. I have quite a special plan for you and the other Wikians..." WolfyJerk smiled sneakily, as other evil counterparts started appearing. Wolfy started going dizzy, and she blacked out.




"What?!" Wolfy woke up to other Wikians, which included, TechSaur, SweetKawaiiPup, and Shystar500. Wolfy looked around, and saw that they were still in their Headquarters, but, for some reason felt different. She took a mirror out of her bottomless backpack and looked at herself.

'She' was a he.

"OH MY DOG! I'M A GUY?! NO, NO, NO, NO!" Wolfy screamed. "We're guys too now, I guess..." TechSaur said, annoyed by Wolfy's shouting. "Maybe we should name our guy forms," Kawaii said calmly. "I'll name my guy form.... Agent Awesome Pup!"

"I'll name mine, CircuitSaur!" TechSaur said happily. "I guess I'll be, Shycomet500."

"Maybe I'll be KunziteWolf." Wolfy said, disappointed and annoyed.

However, in the distance, little did they know that their evil counterparts were stalking them.

Chapter 1


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