Midnight was the time when everyone avoided going outside, for fear of getting spotted by the gang of murderers called the Ghost Eyes. Do you want to know how they got this name? Only one person lived to tell the tale...

Large Spookyspirit was taking a midnight walk. He had ignored all the pleading and begging for him not to go out, but he did, because he wanted to, and also because he liked seeing all their sad faces.

While whistling a happy tune, he suddenly saw two white eyes looking at him. He turned and faced the eyes, growling. "Who goes there?" he asked. "Come out, I'm not going to play any games with you..."

He heard a low sound coming from the shadows, and the eyes turned into little upside-down crescent moons. Large heard a laughing, cackling sound, a loud and high-pitched one, and he wished he was dead.

The eyes belonged to a large shadowy creature that looked like a ghost. All it had were those creepy, dead-looking white eyes and a large, sharp-toothed smile. It cackled and howled, and three other of those creatures came out. "We are the Ghost Eyes...I'm afraid you will not live to tell your tale..." one of them laughed and they all struck at him, now slithering snakes of pure shadow.

Large felt nips and stabs all along his body and he screamed. Luckily for him, a car whooshed right by, the shadow creatures caught in the headlights, and they all retreated back into the shadows with whimpers. The car was parked there, its headlights pointing into the shadows as if to make sure that all the shadow creatures were gone.

Large lay on the sidewalk whimpering and covered in cuts and scratches. He looked up and saw Incredible staring down at him, his blue eyes filled with worry. "Hey," Incredible said, looking at his feet. "I know we've never been the best of friends, but you need help. I suggest you come with me."

Large slowly sat up, his violet eyes teary. "Okay..." he said. "I will come with you. I don't want to walk's better to walk with a..." Large hesitated before slowly sighing out the word. "Friend."

Incredible extended his arm and Large held his hand as Incredible helped him up. Both of their eyes glowed with warmth. "Come on, let's take you back home."

They both got into the car and drove away, leaving behind the shadowy place. There was an angry screeching sound in the shadows, and the white eyes appeared again. "It seems that we can't attack him anymore. He was the only one...the only one who had never felt anything like love or friendship. Now...thanks to that stupid blonde cat...if he comes back we can't attack him!"

The screeching intensified and it slowly faded away into the spookiness of the night.

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