"This week, a girl by the name of Kipper was found dead by the police. The killer claims that it was a form of self-defense when Kipper attacked him and was not charged after being spoken to. The cat claims that Kipper would kill him and hang his pelt on her wall so she could admire it forever."

Tech yawned and stopped reading. She closed the blinds, blocking out the light of the full moon that shined in through the windows. She rubbed her eyes, computer on her lap as she read the report. She looked to the side, seeing that it was 9:32 PM where she lived. She stretched her arms and legs before continuing the news report.

"An investigation was held to find evidence that the attack was self-defense. As police made their way down the path to the house, they claimed that they heard laughs, growls and breathing, along with the crunching of leaves. The cops think that this is the ghost of Kipper, and the ghost hunters are being contacted.

Suddenly, Tech's phone began ringing. Dang it! She was tired as heck. The calico picked up the phone and held it up to her ear anyway, orange fur brushing against it.

"Hello?" Tech meowed, trying to sound awake, but sounded a bit groggy anyway.

"Hey bud! It's Taylor here, and I just got a call from the cops," the voice responded.

"About what...?" Tech began to grow worried.

"The police need you at the station real quick. They say there's something you need to help out with, along with me and some other people."

Oh gosh, Tech was invited to.... no, no, it couldn't be!

"What's the job?" Tech shakily asked.

"You gotta come find out!"

Tech cut off the call. She placed her phone down and plugged it in, growling under her breath. She got up and stretched out, shaking her pelt before brushing her teeth and brushing her thick, frizzy fur down. Her ears curled outward, the fur fluffing up. Usually, she wouldn't do this, but she did anyway, because why not? She was an American curl with straight ears.

Her parents and brother were sleeping, allowing her to stay up. She slowly opened the door, sneaking out with a flashlight. The sky was black, stars painted across the darkness above. She sighed, a cold wind blowing. She had to report to the police station. She knew Taylor would be late and she wouldn't have to keep them waiting. She began running down a concrete path through the quiet city, only few lights shining in the windows of buildings.

Tech ran past the park and took a turn. She saw the police station, the lights shining brightly. Slowly, she pulled the glass door open and the German shepherds turned to face her. A few other animals were there. She didn't recognize any of them except for a gray-and-white cat. What was her name...?

Oh, yeah, that's Dragonheart.

"Tech! You're here," one of the officers barked. Tech smiled, anxiety flooding her mind. "Yep..." The calico with half her face black responded, nervously smiling.

The other animals, mostly dogs and cats, about six of them, greeted her. They turned to the sound of a bang as Taylor, the dark blonde tabby, rushed in, brown eyes wide open. She stumbled up, shaking her pelt.

"I'm here!" She yowled, taking a few deep breaths. "Am I late?"

"Barely," Dragonheart responded. "You're on time, though."

Taylor nodded, standing beside Tech as the police dogs began to explain what was happening. Tech, who was very nervous about the situation, felt a dryness in her throat. Worry swirled in her stomach like a raging twister that hit the city, knocking down tons of buildings and causing damage. She had to fight these anxious emotions, though.

"You are quite lucky to be participating in this. You eight are the trustworthy ones of this city. Remember the incident with Kipper and the killing of Tomato, along with Awesome murdering her in self-defense?" The animals nodded. "Well, we need your help. Due to disturbances of wildlife and citizens, we are sending you out to investigate and possibly rid of this ghost."

Oh NO, Tech thought. She could feel sweatdrops running through her fur. This CAN'T BE HAPPENING..

"So we're ghostbusters?" Taylor giggled. The officer nodded slightly. Taylor stood up straighter to appear strong, but really, she wasn't much of the strong one.

The officers pulled out a few devices. Some of them were a round guns, a hole on it, a button on the side of it, along with a few painted marks. There were some footwear and a plate that goes on the chest for protection.

"This is the equipment you will be using. The circular gun is the Tailgun. I know it's not a creative name, but trust me, these are built with high-tech pieces that work efficiently and well. These are for capturing ghosts. Once they are sucked up, they are caged inside the gun. The Shooter will be attached to the tail. For dogs, it will be attached to the side of the body" the head officer explained.

"Then WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?" A gray tabby said, pointing at the footwear. It was in the shape of their paws, pieces of plastic curving down. They were colored white, just like the gun. The plastic was black.

"No time for jokes. These are specially made for leaping from place to place. The curving part on the bottom of the shoe is actually a springlike substance molded into a curve. It allows one to jump from place to place without breaking the ankles, feet or legs."

"The chest plates are for protection," another officer, a female pit bull, explained. "The metal reflects harmful air waves a ghost can emit. The waves always affect the chest and heart, so the plate will cause them to bounce back at the ghost, which harms it. Kipper's quite the fighter, so this will have you prepared."

"Right!" Everyone said. "Ready!"

The other cats and the few dogs ran over to grab the equipment with their name on it. Tech grabbed the Tailgun and placed it on her tail, feeling it pinch her as it began to fasten and lock in place. Taylor screamed from the feeling of the Tailgun fastening. She nearly slammed it against the ground. Tech shoved her friend, causing her to straighten up. Tech slid on the chest plate and the shoes.

When everyone else had finished putting the gear on, the head officer barked for attention. They looked up at the officer and listened, ready to go.

"All of you must go to the old building near the house of the killing. It's far back in the woods, a bit away. Officer Rebellus will lead you to the building."

And so, they set off after padding out of the office.

"Are we there yeeeeet...?" Taylor complained, her tail drooping. The officer shook her head. She let out a moan, shaking her pelt. They were walking down a dirt path in the woods near the city, barely outside of it. Tech felt like there were eyes looking down on her and the others, watching their every move, knowing everything... But that's just a feeling she had at the time, and it would probably move on soon.

Tech sighed. She could hear the others talking to one another as they walked. She could hear the nervous words of the animals. She saw a purple wolf with yellow eyes speaking to a large dog with a crescent moon on its forehead. Taylor inched closer to Tech.

"Personal space..." Tech growled, shoving her away. Taylor gulped.

"What if something gets us!?" She yowled. Tech sighed.

"Nothing's gonna get us. We have equipment, and we're not even there." Taylor nodded, taking a deep breath. Tech sighed, following the officer as they headed through the dark woods in the night. The moonlight shined down on them, giving them light as they padded down the path. Trees surrounded them, light unable to reach through the gaps.

"Spoooky..." Taylor meowed. Her teeth chattered from the cold.

Tech sighed. Her long fur lay flat, some of it shedding. Suddenly, a crunching noise rung into the air, alerting them. They all turned to the noise, seeing the bushes shake. Tech caught a glimpse of a purple light between the leaves.

"Oh no."

-pause cant work on now

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