Glass Mira: The Ending of the Heron Goddess

A Glass Heron

Mira's bones were feeble. She was growing old. Yes, it's true. Goddesses do grow old. They eventually meet a turning point, where they have a low amount of time left upon the globe. The turning point of Mira the heron had come.

Mira had seen a lot in her years. She had loved and had her heart broken like glass. She created a world and watched it grow. She would also never forget the six youthful animals she developed a strong glue-like bond with: a tiger cub named Gilbert, a rabbit kit named Peck, a wolf pup named Greely, a koala joey named Cosmo, a chimp named Graham, and the most notable, a panda cub named Liza.

The six had lights inside that made them worth remembering. They represented characteristics that she possessed herself. She deemed these the Six C's: Comfort, Creativity, Courage, Craftsmanship, Charisma, and Compassion.

But now, it was time for Mira to surrender her physical form. She would miss the six youths, but she could return in spirit, hopefully. If she stayed late, she would be completely lost; her spirit would be destroyed as well. Her physical body felt brittle like glass. It was time to go.

Mira, despite her wounds, managed one last flight upward to the front face of the moon. She sparkled as if she were a stained glass window. She released six final feathers into the wind. She hoped the wind spirits could carefully take them to the six animals she loved.

Afterwards, the remaining feathers dissolved into light, exposing Mira's spirit. As she flew up higher than the moon, she spoke to the youths a final time, spiritually.

"Until we meet again..."

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