Coming June 2014

Samantha's POV

I died from a broken neck. Nothing to special or crazy, but still fatal. I left behind a dying mother, 4 younger siblings, and my two newborn daughters. I'm writing this to tell you that you shouldn't be unhappy. I was growing old, and I didn't have much time left anyway. But I still do worry about something. Well, a few things actually.

One, we need a new queen or king. I would normally appoint the most senior royalty, but instead I have a few nominees to be voted on soon. Feel free to add anyone you want to this list, but I nominate Silvia, Spiro, and my two daughters, Allea and Ginger.

And one more thing.

There are two little girls sitting in the palace. Tell them, the days are coming that they won't forget. Tell them I will miss them, but tell them not to miss me. Tell them they'll fall in love, tell them they will give hope to this thriving kingdom.

And now as I wait to be sent on my way, I pray to the gods that I make it into Esylium.

Goodbye, old friends. You will not be forgotten.

Chapter 1-Allea's POV

It's been 13 years since Samantha died. I never really knew her. Ginger has been my only family for my entire life, all 15 years of it. But recently, she has been acting weird. She told me to meet her at the river without saying why. It's just not like her. She's a girly free-spirit, not a nervous, paranoid teen. I guess I'm sometimes like that. A lot of the kingdom just thinks i'm wierd, but I think of myself as scene. I don't really look like one, with my dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, but I act like one. I also am not someone who crazily worships the gods. Don't get me wrong, I still believe in them (I mean, I live in Athens which was founded on Athena.)Anyways, After Sam died, Spiro took the lead. He has been leading well and keeps the kingdom fairly happy. However, an outsider has been promoted way too quickly. A few months ago, a strange man walked in with a good knowledge of architecture. A few votes later, he became a royal guard, just like that. It seems like everyone trusts him, but I don't.

"Why'd we take this path! I'm soaking wet!" Someone calls from the bushes. He gets out, followed by a completely cloaked man. The other boy looks about 16, but he might just be tall. He's very muscular, so he could've been a laborer while we built the statues of the gods. I must admit the first thing I thought of when I saw him was 'Wow, he's hot...'.

"I believe you would like to know why you are here." The hooded man says in a deep, gravely voice. "We didn't come all this way for nothing." Ginger says. The man pulls a box out of his coat. "What's that?" I ask him. "It's a recorder. Felix here invented it. We can tape voices and play it back. We planted it in the new royal guard's room to see how he was. We called you here because we need people on our side, and we know you are suspicious of him already. Felix pushes the button on the front, and a voice plays.

"Are you sure we can do this?" A unfamiliar voice calls. "Yes. We have half the kingdom in our hands already. Taking one more can't be a problem. After that, all we need to do is eliminate the ones not susceptible to the----" the tape got blurry. "---Felix, and the two royal daughters." The tape Ended. "That was him, the new guard. We have reason to believe that he is trying to take control. So... Uh... You wanna join us?" Felix says, his voice getting nervous at the end. "--you will have to give up this way of life for a more wild, adventurous one." Felix adds. I nod right away, but Ginger shakes her head. She looks at me, and tries to whisper something. I might've heard it, but I don't give a crap about how much she wants her makeup or whatever. This sounds like fun! Who cares if were not treated like royalty. Who needs that anyway! "Dangit, peer pressure. I'm in." Ginger says, and the two boys high five each other.

After packing up a few things, me and Ginger are ready to head out. I've written a note that goes like this:

I am sorry that I have to spring this on you all, but me and ginger are leaving. I can't say why, but know that you may still be seeing me. I love you all.

I take a final glance back at the quartz room that we grew up in, and whisper, "Goodbye."

Chapter 2

"I can't believe we're actually leaving all of this behind. Like, we're starting a new life." Ginger says as we haul our burlap bags out of the room. I manage to break a half-smile. "Yup." I respond anxiously. As we walked along, hundreds of birds surried through the dense forest. I heard Felix shout to us. "Over here! We've already started the fire!" I smiled and ran a bit faster. Ginger shook her head and called "WAIT UP!" That just made me smirk and sprint faster.

"Wow, you've already set up!" Ginger says, panting. I look around-they surely did. There was a blazing fire, 2 tents, and a few miscelanious little things. "Wanna go hunting? We don't want to run our of food or water since we're probably 30 miles from the kingdom." The hooded man says. "Sure. Felix and Allea, go and find some food. Me and hoodie will go find water." Ginger says. "Hoodie??" Hoodie says with a laugh. "yes. Hoodie." Ginger says. "Let's go." 

I fire an arrow at a deer and it falls to the ground. "Good job. Great, actually. Uh... let's get the deer." Felix says as he runs after it. I quickly follow after him and we carry it back. Before we make it back, we hear a scream coming from the waterfall. "HELP!"


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