This is actually the rewrite of my first ever FAILED pasta on this wiki! I never got to finish it because I was dumber back then, but here's the final creepypasta!

I was never into the color gold, but it's still something bad in my history...

You may wonder why I say that. Well, I have my reasons, and so do others on the web and on the world we stand on. Most think gold is a color of wealth and richness. They always think of how rich they could be if they had gold in real life. Well, this was the same for a game I used to play called Animal Jam.

The community was a bug. I kept playing because my little cousin urged me to and wouldn't stop bugging me if I left. When I played, there were gold items sold quite often instead of rares, a time that not a lot of jammers got to play in. There were gold items rather than rare ones. Gold fox hats, gold swords, gold worns, you name it, it was there. These could be considered rare today, but back then, they were EVERYWHERE.

"Why is gold so scary now?" You may think. I do have an explanation, but it may take a while for you to fully understand. Nobody knew the real reason why the incident took place, but we know who did it. We don't know WHY, but this is our best guess.

We had known a jammer for a while because of his massive amount of golden items, some of them not even in stores. Everyone would swarm him, spamming him with buddy requests and gifts in their letters. Goldiefox was like a YouTuber, getting all the attention.

After two or three months, he began to act.. strange. He typed random numbers and letters, spamming the chat with them. Normally, a jammer wouldn't act like that. He seemed to lash out at any jammer who sent him a jam-a-gram, harshly critiquing them on the way they type or the gifts they send. Kids would run off to another server, some of them quitting AJ altogether.

Soon, he began to.. change color. He would begin to glitch out, items vanishing and appearing again. He would rapidly change colors, items twitching or flying off and on. Goldiefox would just stand there, as if he was observing jammers. The weird thing was his eyes seemed to follow each jammer that walked by.

This developed into chaos before our eyes.

The world of Animal Jam was now corrupted. Everything was out of place. Some jammers left the game because of this out of fear. The world was turning gold now, the skies, the items, everything. Goldiefox had hacked the game, slowly breaking it apart piece by piece. After a while, he had began to ban jammers in his own unique way.

He would surround them with gold until it surrounded them like a shell, hardening. After that, the user would be banned for no reason whatsoever. Their items would be stolen as if they were robbed, all their gems taken. I know this because I went through this, but created a new account.

After all this, Animal Jam shut down for four months to repair what has been done. The codes were mixed up with one another and were replaced with false ones. The damage took a while to fix up and there were many errors to correct. Goldiefox was banned, but his username will still appear today with a yellow wolf with the X eyes as his animal. He does use his account, but he can't talk, trade or gift anyone. He just stands there.

Not many jammers were there to witness this incident that happened in the past. This is the first time I've ever spoke of the corruption today. Even though some have forgotten, I don't forget, I remember.

Yet, I'm still worried about the future of the game...

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