When I made this story I didn't mean to offend any one, just a disclaimer.

Hi. My name is Mythical. I'm a modern day daughter of Greely. When I say 'Daughter of Greely' do you see a rich princess playing bad girl or a good fighter. Well I'm neither, I'm that person who is into musical theater and is a huge anime fan. Today is my first day at 'Jamma's School for Troubled Animals" or JSTA or the Deathhole.

Am I a troubled kid?

It helps that I'm a daughter of Greely. I got my dads temper. Thanks dad. As I enter the school with a bunch everything seems unreal. This is the tenth boarding school I've been too. My headphones are playing a remix of Pretty Little Psycho by Nightcore. The dubstep blocks out mostly everything else. I try to make my way toward the office, shoving past lots of new students and some second timers. I make my way to the office and take off my head phones. The lady at the front desk says eight

"Name please?"

"Mythical, Mythical Majorvine," I say politely.

She nods and hands me my schedule and things like that. I take a quick look at my classes. My two electives are Theater and Latin, my dorm is five'o'two and I have a roommate named Sergeant. The bell rings and I sprint out of the office. While I'm sprinting I'm trying to make sense of my schedule. My first class is math. The room is eight eighteen. I finally get there. I slip into a desk at the back of the class. The lesson just started so I try to make sense of it. Everything seems jumbled. There's a black cheetah next to me mumbling to herself. I keep my eyes focused on the board and let my paw slip into my bag and pull out Dark River from the warrior cat series. I open the book and let my focus slip down to the book in my lap. I fade into the world the book provides. The forest is so vivid and the scents are strong like I'm there

"Miss Majorvine!" A voice cut through my daydream

I look up from my book to see an angry bunny looking strait at me. She had thick black glasses and a scarf. Her eyes were scrunched up and angry. I try my best not to laugh.

"Yes, miss..?"

"Ms. Magiccloud! Now stop reading and get your head in the game. What's the square root of seventy six?" Ms. Magiccloud snapped.

Some students around me snickered.

"No idea!" I say cheerfully.

That sets my classmates into hysterics. Everyone starts whooping and laughing. I smile. Magiccloud gives me the stink eye. I knew she was going to give me detention. But honesty I don't care. With my dyslexia I've been though worst.

The day finished rather quickly and I quickly retired to my dorm. I found all my stuff had been brought up here. In the corner there was a wolf about my age with his back facing me.

"Hi… I'm Mythical…," I say trying to break the silence.

He turns around and nothing could prepare me for his face. His upper half of his face was gray and almost handsome indigo eyes. The lower half was mauled and covered with scars and no flesh. A deep almost metalic voice echoed throughout the room.

"Um hi… my name is Ricky… or you could call be Sergeant. Either one is fine..." Ricky says, but he didn't move his mouth. I plop into my bed and start digging in my bag. All I could find that wasn't school related was some paper, scissors, and colored pencils. I absentmindy start cutting and folding the paper. When I look down to see what I have made a small purple butterfly was lying in my paws.

So I'm going to be needing characters for this one too so if you could post some basic info about the character and a picture. Thanks! -Spirt

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