It was a normal day in Jamaa.

Just like every other day. The township was crazily crowded with people yelling "Trade Me!". Several sat on the bridge claiming they'd been hacked. A few others sat among the crowds begging for gifts because they had been scammed.

Yup, just like a normal day.

Except for it wasn't.

Not for Snowflake Spiritpaw, at least.

Snowflake was like any other wolf, except that she didn't feel like trading today. She wandered throughout Jamaa. Snowflake had been scammed several times before, and she had just gotten scammed today. She didn't feel like talking to anyone. She didn't beg for gifts because she had been scammed. She just wandered around Jamaa.

I need a place to rest. My head hurts really badly. Truthfully, she wanted to be alone and rest, but her head hurt so badly that she just wanted to rest in any comfly spot available.

How about the Pillow Room? Snowflake thought of the soft pillows and immediately headed for the pillow room.

The pillow room was completely empty. Perfect, Snowflake thought, her head sinking into the cushy pillows.

But only a few moments later, people started to come into the pillow room. In a few minutes, it was nearly full. So much for peace and quiet, Snowflake thought grumpily. Her headache hadn't gotten better; in fact, it was only worsening.

A little white bunny came up to her. "Will u adopt me?"

"No thank you." Snowflake said turning her head the other way.

"Pwese adopt me!"

Snowflake sighed. "I'm sorry, I don't feel like adopting anyone today." Truthfully, she never felt like adopting anyone, but she didn't say that aloud.

"Pwese Pwese Pwese adopt me!"

"Can you please leave? I've had a bad day."

"Pwese adopt me, pwese!"

"Can you just leave?" Snowflake asked, growing very irritated.

"Pwese adopt me, pwese pwese pwese wit a chery on top!"

Snowflake lost her temper. "Shut up! And go away!"

The bunny just stared at her, a tear forming in her eye. Whoops..., Snowflake thought.

Suddenly Liza, Cosmo, and Peck appeared. They took Snowflake out of the pillow room.

"What did you do?" Liza asked angrily.

"I was just resting in the pillow room, when this little rabbit came up to me and bugged the fur off of me. So I told him to shut up."

"YOU DID WHAT!?!?!?!?" Liza shouted.

"I told her to shut up?"

"I can't believe you! Take her to the dungeon. It's against the rules to do such a thing to an innocent little bunny who did nothing wrong!"

As Cosmo and Peck started to take her away, Snowflake thought about Liza's words. That bunny wasn't innocent, and it certainly did do something wrong. It wouldn't listen to anyone!

Cosmo and Peck threw her into a dark, damp dungeon cell. They left, and whatever light was in the room vanished.

Snowflake was scared. She had never been in prison before. And she was pretty sure most prisons weren't like this. Were these the prisons for the captured phantoms?! They smelled of phantoms too.

No one came to bring her dinner. No one came down here any time to do anything.

At least a week passed. No one came down into the dungeon. Snowflake was literally starving. Her mouth was parched. She had tried to drink some of the musty water off of the dungeon floor, but it had been so terrible, she spat it back out and felt terrible. Are they leaving my for dead? That really doesn't sound like something an alpha would do.

Suddenly light flooded into the room. Snowflake peeked out through the cage bars to see the dungeon door open. Sunlight warmly lit the whole room. The cage door burst open.

"Come Snowflake! Hurry!"

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