To create this, I put the Ugly Barnacle story into Google Translate, translated it into Japanese, and back into English. I repeated this process, and copied and pasted every result.

There once was an ugly barnacle. He was so ugly, everyone died.

There was once ugly barnacles. He was ugly, nobody died.

There was once ugly barnacles. He was ugly, nobody did not die.

There was once ugly barnacles. He was ugly, did anyone not dead.

There was once ugly barnacles. He did not die was ugly, was who was.

There was once ugly barnacles. He, die did was the one who was ugly.

There was once ugly barnacles. Die he did do was one was ugly.

There was once ugly barnacles. One to die he was ugly.

Now I'm starting it over, but with no punctuation.

There was once an ugly barnacle he was so ugly everyone died

Ugly barnacle who he is so ugly even if there was a time that died

Even if he had the time dead, so ugly ugly barnacle

Since he died, even I had a ugly ugly barnacle of time.

Since he died, but I had the ugly ugly barnacle of time

He died, but since then, I had a ugly ugly barnacle of time

Eventually it gets to a certain point where it no longer translates back. I'm starting a new sentence.

wofls will one day rule the galaxy they are a force of nature

wofls one day, they will dominate the galaxy is the forces of nature

One day, they will be in the power of nature to wofls to dominate the galaxy

This is too much fun. Now, I'm going to translate an entire chapter from one of my stories.

(paragraph from the dumb story Rare)

She time of adventure, you will grind after school every day. She its small badges, did nothing to care about. All 10 levels of which she obtained, easily than she is to the adventure, going to extra heart. She is to kill itself to all of the phantom, so as to be able to get all the experience, she does not have to play it with others. She has been to the can all the "side quests" that she finds. She, she was recycling all awards have. In fact, she has other than she and her "beta version" All Items recycling "rare had. "She, about 20 rare spike of all the colors of the headdress, and had her about 6 3 of all beta of study. She had a Tiki mask, all of the color of the beard.

I'm going to do it again.

(paragraph from The Shystar Chronicles)

That afternoon, Shystar is that she is called to help prepare the food finished Duke, preparation, was busy organization, the planning. Everyone in Jama, but it you know that it was an honor to have the Duke Cyborgwolf to prepare a meal for them." Shystar is, what you may have heard the recent news about looking for a phantom King bride?" It will be called Duke.


(from the beginning of The Epic Interdimensional Misadventures of Sir and Friends Draft)

I am here to talk to you. Rare, really long story, about a strange group of friends. This particular group of friends, you feel the desire to feel the betrayal, loss and feel the pain... but, most of all, they will to will feel the love. They are unlike other to experience the thrill of the epic, and to stop the rift between the dimension probably in space! However, here is this story begins? Maybe it will start at the very home of the strange wolf creatures named Sir who started it all.

I'm done for now, but later I'll translate more things.

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