There was once a Jammer with no intention of having a good time, having fun, or being kind. Their base drive was to get rares, betas, and diamonds. They were cruel, heartless even, buddying people for trades, and if someone owned an item they wouldn`t trade, they`d hack their account and transfer all their valuable items, and discard the rest. They were known, and resented by most experienced AJ players, often being compared to fman122 on a moral level. AJHQ were aware of his existance, and were often banning his account, only for it to return a few hours later. He, over time, became another scammer, however. He still scammed, but it was considerably harder, now he was practically a laughing stock, being joke-shipped with Fman, and having silly stories wrote about him.

After a while, he got bored of being 'that one jammer'. He was no longer feared by any member of the community, and AJHQ constantly banning his account, resulting in around an hour of playtime per week. Having this lament, as well as having his password leaked at some point, he phased out of Animal Jam, and gave up on ever recovering his fame.

A few nights later, he remembered a notepad he had that documented all of the items in Animal Jam, all the items he needed. He poured over the pages, watching memories fade, when noticed an item that had never been snapped up by him.

Cami`s Frog.

Now, in case you were unaware, the frog is generally considered to be the animal embodiment of Greed. He decided, for his final scam, the one to blow out the candle, he would find this frog, and make it his own. So he began. It was 12:06 at night, but despite this usually being prime-time for rare animals, so very little were on Aldan. He still went on, only to find the only player on was in his den. He practically smashed the home button, and found his Arctic Wolf, rare top hat and all, sitting on the Zios Emblem in the dungeon. With the purple stripe on his top hat glinting, he put forth a trade.

The trade was for Cami`s Frog.

What for?

His account. All his rares, all his betas, only for this little frog plush. He hesitated, but then clicked accept, and then hestitated again, and clicked accept. The frog was his.

That morning, he woke up and yawned. After stretching, showering, and getting changed, he turned on his computer, watched some videos, and left for work. He came back home, to see a newspaper delivered to his door. The headline?

'Long Time Hacker of Children`s Site Finally Found!' He immediately ran into his bedroom, turned on the computer, and read in dept about it online. He wasn`t one for newspapers. He saw the sentence was 2 years, with a fine of $9500 of information damage. He was terrified beyond his life. Being only 21, he didn`t want 2 years already. It was only then he noticed that his webcam was lit up with the colour of blue.

A voice boomed through the speakers, with muffled whispers, he heard a voice saying...

"Thank you for cooperating with AJHQ. Your account has been banned, but that should be the least of your worries... but then again. You never did get your priorities straight, did you? Instead of getting a half-decent job, or getting a girlfriend, you spend days staring at this screen, hacking children who didn`t want to give up their items that they worked for. That frog and the bot, they worked wonders, didn`t they?" The voice began laughing uproariously.

"In the end, though, it was your own GREED that failed you".

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