As I awake from my sleep , I know a door has closed. I quickly go down stairs and I see a note. It says, " I've been searching for the phantoms' secrets.I can't tell the rest. I can't predict what is going to happen. I am heading to my lab."

I knew where he was heading, the volcano. It's infested with phantoms. I knew this was coming. I begged him not to go for days. I hang my head low when anywhere in public. When I got home I heard an explosion. I fell to the gound in horror. Greely had stop the eruption, but all the debris fell on him. All I knew was to find him. I packed a backpack with the things I needed then set off. I walk up the volcano and then, I'm in.

Greely had turned off the phantom watchers and has trapped every phantom. As I look for Greely I see phantom spawners. Good thing I packed boomseeds. I know I'm not alone. As I look around I see something moving.

I say I a brave manner, "Hello, I won't hurt you."

It comes out. I notice something about it. It's Greely, I notice the worn on the back. Then I notice something is wrong with the worn. It has a phantom on it. I look deep into his eyes and I see, his eyes are red. But before I can do anything else he sharpens his claws a sinks his claws into my arm. I scream in pain. I fight back by shooting my crossbow at him. He looks at his arm and falls.I knew it was a decoy . Then, the room turns red. I hear a deep voice saying "Snowflake, I have finally have you and your father." As blood spills out of my paw I wrap it in cloth. Now I'm in a cage next to Greely. Our mouths are filled with phantom goop. When the phantoms aren't looking I look and my backpack and find a sword. I cut through the glass of the cage. I spit out the phantom goop over my mouth.The distance between me and Greely is 1 yard. I cut a hole big enough for Greely to escape. Greely spits out the phantom goop. We escape the volcano, but just before the ending. We saw something. Something bright something like an alpha. We meet the alpha at the door. I close my eyes and say, " Please don't yell I only came here to help my father, I meant no harm." The alpha says" It's okay and for your bravery I want you to be the other wolf alpha. To help your father when ever he wonders off to his lab. No one would be brave enough to complete this with only boomseeds, a crossbow and a sword. Now when you appear snowflakes with appear before you appear. I go back to the house with Greely. I look up to him and say sorry for everything I have done. He replies with " For a girl, you're pretty tough." Thanks Dad" I reply.