Greely's Past: Part 1.

It was a rainy night. A white alpha-female wolf lay in her den with a small, greyish-blue wolf pup.

The white female sang a lullaby to her pup. "My dear Greely, one day you will grow up to be big and strong.."

Suddenly, a black alpha-wolf, covered in scars ran into the den.

"Felica! We must move! Shadow and his pack are invading!"

"Find me that wolf!" shouted Shadow, a timber- colored alpha-wolf.

"Mama? What's going on?", the pup said.

"Oh, Greely... the Crimson pack has invaded our territory. We must move." said Felica, calmingly and tenderly as she picked up Greely gently.  A few months later after all this happened, Greely and his 2 friends, Gunner and

Jessie were playing in the lake. "Look, a log! Let's go riding on it!" said Gunner, the mischievous one..

"You sure this is a-a goo-good idea...?" said Jessie, whom was scared. "Ugh, come on" grumbled Greely. Greely jumped onto the log feeling a bit nervous himself. "Ehm, Jessie! Hurry up!" Yelled Greely, getting annoyed. And as usual, Gunner was being cocky and saying "I'm better at this then the both of you combined!" Greely got mad and clawed Gunner's face.

"Ack!" Gunner screamed as blood poured from his muzzle. "Greely! I'm gonna get you back!" Screeched Gunner as he ran home to tell his birth mother.

"G-G-Greely... W-Wh-Why d-did yo-you do th-that...?" Jessie said shaking. Greely pushed a stern into Jessie's mind "Shut up and go home!" Growled Greely as he pushed Jessie forward.

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