EDIT: Hello, I'm back! Sorry for not continuing this for, um, about a year. ^-^'' But anyways, I'm going to start continuing this story again because I think this will be a really fun story to write and I'm super excited to do the next chapter. Thanks to all who have read so far!

Chapter 1

Greely woke up, rubbing his tired eyes with his paw. His mother, Kyra, was watching him contently. "Good morning, my little hero." That's what his mother had always called him. Her little hero. He didn't know why, but he liked it. 

Kyra was a silver wolf with clear blue eyes. She was the best mother anyone could ask for. She was always kind to everyone.  He guessed that's the reason his father liked her. 

"By the way," Kyra said. "Your friends are outside."

My friends! Greely thought. They usually don't get up this early!

 The blue-gray wolf stepped out of his den. When he went outside, he saw his friends waiting for him. His friends were Gilbert, a tiger, Peck, a bunny, Liza, a panda, Cosmo, a koala, and Grahm, a monkey.

"Hi Greely!" Gilbert greeted him. Gilbert was his best friend, and they would always hang out together.

"Hi Gilbert!" Greely replied back. "What are you all doing up so early?"

"Don't you remember?" Gilbert said. "Today all the Alphas are coming to Jamaa Township!" He said it like it was obvious.

"Oh yeah!" The wolf pup remembered now. Every month, on this exact date, the Alphas would come to Jamaa Township. Greely had been waiting all month! He and his friends were all children of the Alphas. Gilbert's father was Calan, the tiger Alpha, Peck's was Minerva, Liza's was Fauna, Cosmo's was Kerjack, and Grahm's was Meno.

And Greely's father was... Well, he doesn't usually talk about it. All he knew, is that one day, his father went out to keep Jamaa safe with the other Alphas, fighting off phantoms., and he never came back. He could tell his mother was hiding something about it, but he knew she didn't want to talk about it, either, so he never got the courage to ask.

His friends seemed excited, too.

"Come on!" Peck shouted. "Let's go!"

Greely then followed his friends.

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