The smoke bellowed from the volcanoes all around him, it was about to begin. The cages were unlocked and they were set free, and were ready to begin..

Silence fell throughout the land.. four wolf paws began padding up the biggest volcano, the paws padding was him... the most looked down animal of all... his name... Greely, Wolf Alpha of Jamaa.

Chapter 1

"Come on Liza, hurry!" Peck exclaimed and she raced through the forests of Sarepia, the two Alphas were heading to Sir Glibert's castle.

"Now Peck, what did I tell you about racing ahead?" Liza said, grabbing hold of Peck's ears and holding her up. Peck tried to make Liza let go, be she wasn't having any of It.

"I know what you said," Peck replied, jumping down and climbing up a hill. Liza followed her and they both headed to Sir Gilbert's castle.

On her way there, Liza heard some noises in the bushes behind her. She stopped Peck and they both looked about to see what was there. Peck saw nothing so she she carried on, but Liza stood there waiting for something to come.

"Peck, you just go ahead. I'll be there soon," Liza said, opening the bushes to let Peck past. The bunny nodded and hopped away, not caring about the noises in the bushes.

"Come out were I can see you..." Liza muttered, looking up in the trees and down in the bushes. It looked like there was no lm there, but something was hiding.. Spying on her..

There was a faint whispering in trees above Liza, and then something jumped down.. and began walking towards her.

"I see you like to walk unacompinied?" A voice said from the shadow of a boomseed tree. It came closer.. and closer..

"Who are you?" Liza said, looking into the shadows. "What are you doing here?" She continued to look around for anyone else.

"Oh please, don't be rediculous," The voice replied, stepping out of the shadows. Liza stood there in shock, she had no idea that it was him..