Greely was a secretive wolf. And he thought highly about himself and the phantoms. When Greely had gone into the Hive, the Phantoms offered him freedom if Greely helped them. Greely then made an awful decision: he agreed to the Phantoms' offer.

Chapter 1

After a newbie played "The Hive" Greely had to find a way to defeat the phantoms. The alphas often worked together, but Greely was more than willing to take on the Phantom Volcano alone. Greely quickly pawed up the mountian, worrying that all of Jamaa was in danger.

Chapter 2

As Greely arrived at the volcano, he only had a minute left. A player was also dashing up the mountian. Greely warned the jammer about how strong the volcano is. And as soon as the volcano was stopped, the player was out of the volcano and Greely? He was trapped in the phantom's clutches.

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