This story is not meant to offend Guintopia! (Squiddaddy), Generally AJ (Momsandy), or Kitty Girl's YouTube channel. It is for entertainment purposes only.

You can visit Guintopia! at, Generally AJ at, and Kitty Girl YouTube channel at - I do not own any of their sites, I just like them and wanted to make a story based on the Guintopia! character Captain Kookybird mixed with YouTube's Rebel Rabbit and Generally AJ's General Penguin. Please do not leave comments saying I am not giving credit to them.


It was an average day in SquidDaddy's neighborhood when they logged onto AJ and saw a nonmember yelling "I need rares plz send me anything!" SquidDaddy wanted to report the NM for scamming but decided not to for an unknown reason. Suddenly, every Jammer in Jamaa Township disappeared except for the scammer. SquidDaddy chuckled nervously, went to her den to escape the weirdness, and locked it.

The NM had gotten into SquidDaddy's locked den. Thinking that it was a trick, SquidDaddy typed "Good one!" but got no response. SquidDaddy logged off of AJ and checked her email. Exactly 100 messages saying "Your password is..." and "I have your rares and betas..." were there! SquidDaddy went back on AJ, reported the Jammer for scamming, and blocked them. It was no use! The Jammer had taken all of SquidDaddy's items...

SquidDaddy realized, "It must be FMAN!" but asked her buddies Momsandy (Generally AJ creator) and Kitty Girl for help. They said it must be FMAN as well. All three of them sent AJHQ messages about the Jammer and soon got the same response.

"You three have just experienced the latest Jammer Rule Enforcement technique. The Jammer you saw "scamming" was a Web Bot sent by AJHQ to make sure that Jammers would report them. However, Guintopia! did not report them and faced the consequences of what not reporting can lead to. Their items have been restored, but remember, always report scammers."

The three looked at the message in disgust. It was a sick, cruel prank - but it taught them to report scammers from then on.

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