AnimalJam King

King SnowLeopard

AnimalJam Major

Major SnowyPaw

Episode 1

Hi. I'm King SnowLeopard. I live in a small apartment with my friend, Major SnowyPaw. We're both snow leopards born on the same exact date, time, hospital, but different family. When we were kids, we lived right next to each other. Now, we're two crazy teens living alone. But, I kind of regret this. My friend acts like a psycho and seems to go crazy whenever he comes back from parties. And today, he just went to one.

"Oh no," I said out loud, "what is he going to do this time?" Then I played some games on my computer, watched some Hetalia Axis Powers, and ordered some cartoon costumes on Amazon. Two hours later, I was trying on my Brian costume when Major barged in my room. "HEY, WASSUP DUDE?!" he screamed. " tree..." he mumbled. I looked like him like he was crazy. "Dude, what have you been drinking?" I asked him. He said, "Just some diet coke...heh heh...I love you, man..." He passed out.

The next day, I decided to see if he was telling the truth. So I looked in his room. There were posters of famous jammers like the pop star Mythical ArcticGem. In his drawer were drawings of phantoms giving Major diet coke. But that still wasn't enough proof. I looked under his bed. There were about 100 cans of diet coke! I peeled off the wrapper to see if he was hiding anything under them. Nothing. But how did he get like this from diet coke? I called the hospital to see if there was something wrong with him. So tomorrow, Major is going on a little check-up.

"Yes, it is true," the doctor said, "diet coke is like alcohol to Major."

I freaked out. "WHAT?!" I pretty much screamed.

"You'll have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't drink any more," the doctor replied.

So of course, Major got invited to ANOTHER party by his friend, Infinity BraveHyena. I told Infinity that I had to come too based on Major's condition. Infinity said he understands, and invited me too. When we got there, it was so crowded! Catchy rock music was playing. There were girl arctic wolves complaining on how much fur they have and saying they're ugly while girl snow leopards were talking to girl cheetahs. Major ran to the mini fridge the minute we got there. I had to chase after him. Major was already drinking some diet coke. "DUDE!!!" I screamed at him. "YOU CAN'T DRINK THAT!!!" And like the cartoons, the record stopped, people were staring at us, and the snow leopard girls were still waving at us with smiles on their faces. "Ohmigod this is SO embarrassing..." I sighed.


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