Today I was on Animal Jam as normal, and I saw my animal. It wasn't it's normal colour... It was all black with the lighting pattern that was dark red (like claw marks) and scary red eyes. I didn't understand it. I thought at first that I was hacked, so I checked my clothes they were all there but there was a space with no clothing there just a blank place..... It was weird.

Then suddenly my arctic wolf starts moving but I was doing nothing. I thought it was a glitch but it wasn't, so I started moving the direction I wanted.....

Three Hours Later...

I was tired so I stopped. Then, my arctic wolf went slowly in the Jamaa central sign afterwards my animal was in this black room.....

By then, I was really scared.

Suddenly, my arctic wolf started moving around on it's own again.

I tried to log out, but the log out button had disappeared.

So, I simply closed the tab and went to watch YouTube.

When I logged into YouTube, a video was already playing. I thought it must have been a new feature to continue playing the video you were watching when you log out as I hadn't been on YouTube in a while.

But I didn't recall watching anything like that, how weird.

I continued watching the video anyways, out of curiosity.

Halfway into the video, the screen turned darker, and darker, and darker until it was pitch black.

And then, my arctic wolf emerged from the screen, bloody and horribly mutilated. I screamed, but strangely no one heard me.

It attacked me, but I managed to push it back into my laptop, escaping with only a broken ankle from falling after it attacked me.

After that, I found my father's hammer and cracked the laptop's screen with it, then went downstairs to ask my parents for a new one.

They did buy me a new one, and I have not been on Animal Jam ever since.

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