It was a normal day when i had logged onto Animal Jam. Everything was usual, but something I shrugged it off as another feeling of mine, and continued playing. I went into Aldan, then into Crystal Sands.


As soon as I went in, there was an odd feeling in my gut. I kept thinking "I shouldn't have..." and tried to shrug it off. It just kept happening over and over again... Then, I suddenly had a Jam-A-Gram appear in the upper right corner. The gift box was RED, almost scarlet, where there would have been a more 'Azure' color. I checked them all. The newer one is what freaked me out the MOST. It had red, dripping letters saying 'OPEN' on top. It had the "Thanks for Playing with me!" text, but in that freaky lettering. The weirdest part is that it from 'thehackisback,' who looked like your case of 'Fman', but with freakier details.

It had pitch black eyes with red pupils, staring RIGHT at me when I clicked on the player tag. The eyes MOVED TO LOOK AT THE GIFT BUTTON. I slowly clicked on it, and my browser crashed. The crashing error said

"You have been hacked. There is no turning back.


I never played AJ again.

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