It's not really scary but it does have some scary things

Chapter 1

The guard manhandled me up the crumbling stairway, past the iron lock door and security cameras.  I'm Rick, but pretty much nobody calls me that..  Really, my nametag is Daring Quietmaster, AKA RickytheQuiet.  I sort of don't speak alot because my mouth is a little....  I can't really speak.  I'm a relatively calm jammer.  I mean, I guess I'm a little shy and kind of wimpy and stuff, but... you know.

What was I talking about??  Oh yeah, um, I was mistakenly accused of hacking into AJHQ TOP SECURITY vault which stored all the important things that AJHQ helps Mira keep safe.  And because I can't speak well and it's hard to write using paws, here I am.

I looked around while walking. Right then, the guard was leading me through "The Hall of the Infamous", which is basically a hall that all the prison cells are connected to. Lining the dusty walls were... heads of the excecuted.  There were a few famous heads I recognized; WretchedJungle, Bepper0, and a few others.

This place is old and falling down, I thought.  

I was just about to sneeze when the guard grabbed me.  Apparently, I kept on walking when he had stopped in front of my cell.  Oops, my bad, I thought in my head.  The guard booted me into my cell and locked the door, but not after giving me a rather sincere set of whipping.

My cell was small, which was fine. The one thing that disturbed me a little was that there was a wolf head on a plaque on the other side of the wall. It feels very unnerving waking up every day and seeing this wolf head staring at me with its big empty black eyes, but I still felt a little remorse for whoever's head it was.  Years past pretty slowly.  I got a big slice of the portion of whipping, which hurt. And I mean whip whipping, not whipped cream whipping.

Chapter 2

One day, I woke up in the middle of a night.  It was a rather calm night, and I felt rather glad that I had woken up.  There were stars glittering in the sky, shining and glimmering beyond the barred window.  The wind that came in was a gentle breeze, and a shaft of moonlight shone onto the grey floor.  I started crying.  I'm not really sure why, but it was so beautiful and calm... and sad somehow.


What!?  Who said that??  I waited a couple moments to see if I could tell who said it.  Then I turned my attention back to the starry sky.

     "Hey Rick.  You really like that sky, don't you??"  I twisted my head to look out the barred door.  There was that darned wolf head again, except... the eyes.  The eyes seemed to reflect the sky, deep and dark but speckled with bright dots.  It smiled.

HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!?? WHAT WAS THAT!?  Of course, all that escaped my throat died in my mouth.

"Yeah, I'm talking to you, Ricky.  That was me."  The head's jaw moved as it spoke.  "And yes, I can understand you."

I am definetly dreaming.

    "Nope, you're awake," The head responded.  "I'm Fman122."


     "I will answer that question later.  For now, I have some business with you.  Not bad business.  Good Business, my man."

Okaay.  So, what's up??

     "So, as you know or don't know, I was a famous hacker called Fman122.  But now, I've had a change of heart and soul.  Rick, my friend, I have seen the pain I have caused.  You know that crime you were accused of?  That was me."  


    "Calm down, Rick.  I now regret it, seeing the confusion you are going through, and I am utterly sorry.  Whether or not you forgive me doesn't matter, for I have a proposition.  If you manage to dislodge my head from this cursed plaque, I will free you from jail and give you the ability to speak!!  I will give you 3 days to decide."  After the 3 days, I agreed.  After all, it is all for the best, and all I have to do is break his curse by getting his head away from the plaque.

Chapter 3

I waited until my claws had grown sharp enough, when the day came.  The guards were going to escort me to recreation, when I reached out and half sliced and half pulled the head from the plaque.  The head fell to the floor.  At first, nothing happened, but then the head began to enlarge itself.  The guards dropped me and tried to stop the head and somehow jam it back onto the plaque, but it was too late.  The head then sprouted a body and continued growing.

I stared in horror as Fman got to his feet. He grinned, and his head spun around in a full circle. The guards sprang at him, teeth and claws aiming for him, but the were knocked back by a gust of wind. The air turned humid, like as if we were in the tropics. Simultaneously, it began snowing, and lightening split open the roof.


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