Authors note: This is based off the story The Forgotten.

Also my first creepypasta so if you think it sucks, dont write a comment plz. You dont want to disturb a ghost. right?


I have found a game on the internet called 'Animal Jam'. It's a good game so far that I have played. The only bad thing about it so far is that the majority of the items are Members-only. Althought, I'm going to but one when my mom gets payed next week. That is all.


Today i showed my friends that game I talked about. The game Animal jam. They liked it! I told them to also get a membership for it because I had a membership. That is all for now. bye!


Finally, December is here. It's almost Christmas time and I am too EXCITED! There were some things that was wierd on AJ. like people saying not to go on a sever called Hell. But everything seemed normal. I don't know about a server called Hell. I just chose a random server and went throught normally. I want to see what's on that server. I'm going on that server tomorrow. Bye!


I shouldn't got on that server. Oh god. Things on that server seemed normal but there was a mysterious thing. Every game didn't worked except one and that's Jamaa Derby. I didn't like that game so I went to my den. There was that wolf with red liquid? No, It was blood. I freaked out so I tried to log out but He appears and says "This is a real animal. This is how real animals play." Then it showed pictures. Horrible... Disgusting pictures. Then it shutted me off. I was terrified and I'll never played that game ever again.


I woke up this morning. It felt like I got scratched last night. I did but how? I didn't feel it. That is weird. They were all over my body. Mainly my stomach. I have one theory, thought. It must of been that wolf. But that's impossible. It might of got out of that game and maybe haunting me now. That's my theory. That's all now.


I am going to die soon. The scratches keep getting worse and worser every day. He is trying to kill me. If your going to play that game, DON'T PLAY THAT GAME. The Forgotten will try to kill you. I can't live anymore. If anyone finds this journal, tell Him that I can't be harmed anymore. I will be safe in The Lord's arms. Tell any living family member I love them. Goodbye, World.