Me and my buddies wanted to do "Return of the Phantoms." Of course, I hosted, but it wasn't normal. Liza didn't show up. Instead of talking to her, we climbed the vine fence. When we all got over the vines, all the bunnies heads were on the ground next to them. A little phantom vine came from the vanes, but it was normal. This server was weird. We all found corks and stuff and watered the plants, but when we came to Bunny Burrow and unlocked the door, Liza was there! Her head was gone & there was some dirt on her dress, and she was holding Clover's head. She put Clover's head where her head should go. I paused when I saw her. Last thing I knew, all of my buddies heads were gone. Now, you might be thinking that this was all fake, but it really wasn't. Every update, you notice that Liza has a new head. Her eyes might be very small, and her head might not even be on; so just never, EVER host Return of the Phantoms Hard Mode.

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