The news rolled in like a flood rushing into a damp city. It was an urgent, fearful call from one of the four continents on the planet Taviat, a planet similar to Earth, but in a different galaxy named Savata. It was a call for help from East America, West America quickly grabbing the news. The other two continents, Akava and Pierrce, have yet to receive the info.

The planted Taviat is similar to Earth, but not the same. It has everything a living being needs for survival- food, water, shelter, resources, all those things. Technology is no different from that on the planet Earth, but it has more... features. The web was faster, less media trouble went on and people were friendlier.

Earth had no access to this new web created years and years ago, not too long ago, about three centuries ago. It all developed from astronauts crashing into this odd planet in a new galaxy when the ship broke down while they were asleep for a few years.

There was a so-called "virus" spreading around the cities around East America. The virus was known to contaminate the host, forcing them to refuse to eat and tear their vital organs apart. Once you caught it, there was no cure, so it was a dangerous virus. It would tear you apart, leading to death.

The sickness spread by air, blood contact, contaminated water and some animal bites. It was easy to see that you got it. If a victim looks into a mirror, their eyes will be slitted and the white portion of their eye will be either shades of orange, yellow, brown, blue, green, or a rare mixture of two colors.

But one particular group of people had a special ability, one no victim has ever had before.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Tech sat on her knees, looking down at the ground with her dark husky ears pinned back, brushing against her horns. Her black bandana with the white X on it swayed with the warm wind. Around her was a circle of fire, the fiery tongues licking the air as embers flicked out of the fire. Around her were a few other girls, silently watching her perform one of her "revival rituals."

Shy, Dragonheart, Flarespark, Icy, Argo, and Kat stood there, watching the husky-girl proceed to revive Sinaji. Tech placed a hand on Sinaji's forehead, her palm beginning to glow. Sinaji's eyes began to open, oddly glowing black. With a bright flash of white light, a boom split the air, causing Sinaji to burst awake from death.

"How'd she do that?" Shy questioned. Dragonheart, known as Drachen, shrugged in response. Sinaji pushed herself up as the flames began to die out in the empty, dark woods as the half-moon lit up the dark land of the hidden land with no name.

The flames and smoke finally began to wash away as the wind began to cool, the flying leaves beginning to set back on the ground. Tech looked up at the bright moon as thin clouds barely waved over it, her ears perking up. Her skin began to very quickly darken as fur began to appear as she transitioned onto four legs, taking the form of a hellhusky.

"Come on," she said in a hyper voice. "I smell something!"


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