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Disclaimer: This fanfiction is far from real. Please do not take it seriously. And also, when editing, please, contact the author (A Shima Longtail.) first. Thank you.

Ever heard of Hell's Server?

No, you probably won't, because only a few people have heard it. Discluding you.

Do you dare to find out what Hell's Server is?


Hell's Server. A rumor said to be lurking around the deepest, darkest corners of Jamaa. Once you get in, you can't get out, they said. But, these only come out in the beta ages. And that, my friend, is the problem.

Animal Jam has time-skipped back to the beta ages and so the modern ages has been mixed and matched with the beta ages.

And so, the Hell's Server is back.

Chapter 1

Queen's RPG P.O.V.

I wake up, the sun is shining, pesky phantoms are somewhat singing for some reason. I get up, thinking everything will be alright, until I saw this.


"What the hell?" I thought to myself. There never should be blood anyhere near Jamaa, but I thought that wasn't a big deal. I continue to walk down, leading myself to the Temple of Zios. Nothing too surprising actually, just a bunch of Graham statues on the left and right side of the broken Zios statue. But I, for some reason, felt uneasy. For some particular reason I headed down the holes of the ruins of the Zios statue, and saw an adult phantom, all coiled up, saying, "Go! Go! Don't let them find you.."That's quite weird," I thought. "Phantoms usually don't necessarily help Jammers." I started to feel fishy about this, when the phantom continued, "I've been hiding here for months now, come-" Suddenly a very, very bright light cut the poor phantom's speech. Last thing I remembered was the phantom's sad, suffering and misery-full voice calling out, "No..! They, they got you.."

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Shima's Computer Screen P.O.V.

Yeah, another server-switch. I clicked Aldan, since Congo was too quiet. I paused looking at the screen, where instead the Jamaaliday-themed loading screen instead loaded into a more sadistic, sinister-looking turtle, grinning with it's lifeless eyes. It feels like it was almost staring into my soul. A few seconds later, the screen loaded. The place looks, too, white... I clicked the settings button, and when I saw the server's name, I was scared to death.

The Hell's Server is real.

I decided to stroll around, and the white place flashed to Jamaa. It wasn't too strange, the Mira statue was placed where it was, there was a rock near the Daily News. Suddenly, a flash came up, and the scene was all bloody and gory. Mira herself was gone. Instead, stood a vicine (Shima's alternative word for sadistic). A blood red wolf appeared near the store, saying, "Welcome to Hell's Server."

Queen's RPG P.O.V.

I stood over there, staring blankly to the wolf. As the wolf grinned, he vicinely grinned and said, "Welcome to Hell's Server." Then I realized, the rumors were true.

And the danger has just started.

Chapter 2

Shima's Computer Screen P.O.V.

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"Dammit, I entered a Hell's Server." I thought to myself. I got to Sarepia Forest, thinking everything will be alright, but no.

Suddenly a red blob and it's auras appeared from the fires of the fire pit. The auras started to spread around, reaching my animal. It seems to be entering my animal's body, passing through it's mouth and nostrils. "That is sick. I'm glad I always had an experience with jumpscares."

But then the eyes of the animal became red and it's pupil went back of it's visual screen.

My screen blacked out, and "You lost," the screen said. The only button there to press is "Respawn".


I clicked it.

How did AJ get so sick like this?

When I respawned, I was inside the mouth of something. I know that. Maybe a phantom's guts? Suddenly, hideous gas-like blob like the previous one appeared again. "I get it. I just need to avoid that blob. And I just know how." I decided shut down my freaking computer since logging out usually doesn't work in creepy situations like this.

A few months later..

I woke up to find a red blob spreading the auras like in-game. I hid under my blanket - I don't want to die. "I have to finish this thing. Now."

Chapter 3

To be written.

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