Warning: May be be disturbing to some viewers. Thank you.

During the dawn of Animal Jam, there was a non-member wolf named The Wolf. He was different from other jammers, however. He had the ability
to teleport. This made him very popular among the rest of the jammers. Many kids thought his power was cool, but they didn't know the dark secret behind it.

One day, a bunny name Laughing TwinkleEyes said,"How do you do that?!" This became the second reason he was gigantic in the AJ community, for he would violently bully and threaten whoever asked him about his strange teleportation power. He couldn't tell anybody, because, well, it was a mistake from a failed hacking experiment. He was planning to add knives, guns, and bombs to animal jam. Once they were in the players hand and clicked on somebody, they would have the ability to click a button that said,"Cause Bloody Murder?" But his plan failed...The first time...

The next week, he finally hacked into the files of animal jam. First, he added a sign that said,"Hell Navigation, Click here!" When you clicked the Click Here, it would automatically transport you to a un-named server. There was only one world called Bloody Banks. When you went there, you couldn't leave. The entire background was a dead, bloody girl no older than 3, that was chopped in half and was being eaten by wolves, and if you looked carefully, you could see a photographer taking photos and laughing at the dead girl.

The Wolf would greet anybody who came, and would then set their computer on fire, usually killing the players. But he wanted more- he wanted blood.

So, in his few weeks of power, he added the clawing animation, which meant you could claw other players to death, and whenever you did, a video would appear of your character violently pulling out the victim's heart, and blood splattering all over you and the ground. After wiping the blood out of your eyes, you would eat the heart and then take out their intestines and use them as jump ropes. After that, the video would end.

A year later, AJHQ gained access to the Animal Jam files once again, and banned The Wolf forever.

Recently, on June 1st, the player Ashleaf1 claimed she saw The Wolf at coral canyons in a pool of his own blood, disappeared, then came back an hour later. She then claimed he said,"I'M COMING BACK!!!"

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