Hello...? Is anyone there?

I guess I'm alone again... like always. Nobody has ever noticed me after the murdering. It wasn't my fault, though.. It was THEM..

They ruined everything. They killed numerous, innocent cats just because of one thing. I've never told anyone why, but... Never mind. I can just look around and see what's left. All these skeletons and lumps of fur and flies... All that's left of yesterday will never come back to us.

Nobody has came to the Towers, where I am now... They can't get back in. They can't hear me. They can't see me. I'm just a ghost. I don't speak to others. I'm alone. Maybe this is all a dream... I'm not sleeping... I can feel this pain tearing me apart. Maybe I'm broken.

No... Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken...


You wouldn't listen anyway. You wouldn't understand the pain. Are you still there? Probably not, everyone else leaves me... Nobody will listen to someone who's dead.

I just have to smile... Maybe I'll wake from this dream, if it is... I can't believe I'm a broken case.. But really, I am. They took me with the hundreds of others who decayed after death. Just me, Airellyc, alone here... Myself and myself only...

Just here... Nobody else. I miss the faces of my brothers and sisters... I wish that I could just go back, rewind the clock... Mom and dad... I miss them... Is... Is anyone still there? Anyone listening? Anyone?


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