I was surfing the internet for hopefully a new meme when I pressed my Animaljam Tab.

I was alone in Jamaa with a Wolf, its sinister smile and its cruel looking face looking directly at me.

I shook it off, wasn't it bad enough people were overreacting on the Lost Jammer, a fake player?

I built the courage to type ' Hello Fake! ', but oddly, My courage drained and my hand was inches away from the Enter Key, the wolf had talked. A bubble popped up, the wolf had wrote.

' The last time I saw a Arctic Wolf like you, I was burying it in the basement.'

My blood went cold and I erased the words I was about to type.

' You were going to reply? I just want to be friends,.... With your Insides.'

He sent me a buddy request, his user was Iseeyouatnight.

I declined, and he sent one again.

' Just buddy me, and I wont have to use force.' He typed conversationally.

I logged out, This wolf wasn't normal.

I searched his user online in google,

It turns out, Iseeyouatnight was a 17 year old man, who had psycho problems.