If you are under 11 please don't read this unless you think you are mature enough. Please.

                                       Part 1

I was bored. None of my friends were online, and only the wolf party was on. Great, I thought. I don't have a wolf. Since my membership had expired and since I was often to busy to play, I didn't buy a new membership card because it probably wasn't worth it. So I had a penguin for swimming and my bunny, Lucky, for adoption. I walked to Mt Shiveer. I felt like checking out that dinosaur-turned-popsicle. When I arrived I sat down at the edge of the water. There was a small black fox "drowning" (sleeping) in the steaming water, while screaming "Help, I'm drowning!". I sighed. I sat there for a minute or two. He was still there. Fine. He wanted saving? I would save him. My bunny waded into the water as I typed "Pulls out". He said "Thank you." in sinister red writing. I thought it was just a small hack or something. I was wrong.

                                      Part 2

The fox stood up to reveal... HE WAS PART CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!! (No not really don't get excited) So he stood up, and bared white fangs dripping with blood at me. There's no way he could do that! Was there?!? He was a normal fox except for the fangs and two ninja swords on his back, also dripping with blood. A pop-up appeared on my screen. I read it. Do you still wish to save me? It was in the same writing from when he thanked me. Should I? I thought. Maybe it's a trick. I went to press NO. But there was none. Only a Yes and a NO I want to be killed now. Shaking, I went to press the Yes. My bunny was teleported to the exact spot the fox had been in. I gasped. Except it wasn't sleeping. It was actually drowning.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 8.17.11 am

Lucky drowning

                                      Part 3

I tried to move her. She only struggled. The fox laughed. "You wanted to save me. This was the only way." He called, smirking. I checked my actions. Maybe one would help me. But instead of sleep, play, dance and sit, there was cry, give up, beg for mercy, or swim for shore. I instantly clicked swim for shore without thinking at all. My bunny began to swim to the shore. The fox did the frown emote and drew out his ninja swords. Then as my bunny reached the shore and began to crawl back on to the snow, weak, there was a swift movement from his swords and suddenly my bunny's legs were cut off into stumps on her body, and he speared her like a kebab with one sword, while with the other he sliced of her tail and ears. Blood spewed everywhere, staining the crisp white snow bright red. I gave a small scream. I could see the bones sticking out from her legs. It looked way too real. Why was this happening? Animal jam wasn't a bloody horror version of a virtual world! It was a kids game for goodness sake!. The fox was smirking now. He grabbed her and slid her off the sword. Then he threw her up into the air, and caught her again. He did it again and again. I watched, horrified, as he laughed and drop kicked her into the pool. I tried swimming again but it came up with a pop-up.You can not swim because your animal has no limbs left.

                                      Part 4

I was on the loading page. There is usually a alpha and a cute little tip. This time there was my bunny slowly drifting downwards, a blood trail, with the light slowly fading. Instead of a little tip there was five horrible words. I know where you live. The tip then disappeared and was replaced with Jade. I felt the bile rise in the back of my throat. How why when what the HOW DID ANIMAL JAM KNOW MY NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calm down, I thought. It's on your computer isn't it? I looked at the tip again. It now said Oh I'm not Animal Jam. I screamed as the page finished loading. My bunny had stopped moving now and was completely still. Right, I thought. I have had enough. So I tried to quit the browser. But I was no longer on a normal browser. I was on one titled "Animal Jam". One with no exit or minus button or anything else like that. THERE. WAS. NO. WAY. OUT.

                                      Part 5

Movement in the corner of the screen caught my eye. I saw a glimpse of a dark, torn, fin. Blood attracts... Sharks! I watched, crying, as my bunny was swallowed whole by the biggest Great White shark I had ever seen. He spat out a few bones covered in flesh and blood. I could move again now, but only as the shark. I swam around, until I found a current. Like the ones on water adventures. I swam into it. It took me further down into the ocean, until the water was so dark it was nearly black. My screen suddenly lit up. I could see the ocean floor. It was covered in polished animal bones, but among them were countless rares. Headresses, fox hats, gloves, beta items, pretty much anything you could think of. I could pick these up and keep them, but what was the point when I didn't have my bunny! I swam over these rares for a while. Then I saw a chunk of meat attached to a string. Suddenly I had no control over the shark, and he swam towards it eagerly. As he bit into it, the meat was pulled upwards and the shark went with it. Finally we reached Crystal Sands, where I saw the fox from earlier. He stood in front of a stall titled Crystal Shop! All the customers were either buying or wearing little beanies, with a bunny tail on the top and ears on the sides. I saw a hat on a giraffe that obviously was made of Lucky's ears and tail. At this point I threw up in my mouth. Some other foxes (also wearing the new "hats") had been fishing for sharks, by the looks of it. There were other dead Great Whites half submerged in the water. Their bellies had been sliced open. The fox who had thrown my bunny into the water and chopped off her tail, ears, and legs, was now walking over to the shark. He pulled out his ninja swords and sliced the sharks belly open. He then turned to face me and smirked.


I have not gone on Animal Jam since. My screensaver is now permanently set to a photo of the inside of a dissected shark, a bunny skeleton with missing bones inside it. The fur and flesh clinging to the bones is exactly the same as Lucky's.

         This is my first creepypasta so it might not be amazing 

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