(This is a quick one, it may not be that scary, but i tried :P)

Wretched shiverclaws was walking around in jamaa township. They were a black wolf with the cross eyes, a silver spiked collar and a black pirate sword. They also wore a red eye patch, to make other jammers think that their animal was glitched. Suddenly, a trade list caught their eye. A non-member wolf had a trade of pure gold.

Rare black spikes, headresses, glitched items and rare items you could only dream about. Wretched walked towards the wolf, and asked them to go to Wretched’s den. The wolf didn’t say anything, they just walked straight into their den without asking. At Wretched’s den, he asked the unknown jammer for their stuff, and what for them. The jammer didn’t answer at first, but later they asked: “what are you trying to do?”

Wretched stared at the jammer, unsure of what to do next.

The rare player then made a smiling emote.

Wretched had scammed many times before, they were not proud of it, but they just couldn’t help it.

“My trading is broken...” Wretched said, doing the sad member emote. “Are you able to gift?” Wretched asked. The rare non-member seemed to think for a second.

“Yes. I can gift anyone, I have done glitches.” They answered.

“Okay so if you gift me the stuff, i can gift my trade back” Wretched explained. With some clicks and jags, Wretched quickly recieved the rare items they were looking for.

“Thanks!” Wretched shouted, as they locked their den…

But the jammer didn’t dissapear.

“You forgot about something,”

The last thing Wretched Shiverclaws knew was their eyes were gouged out, and their  head being ripped apart from their throat.

Their last words were:

“Help me”

“Be a jammer, don’t be a scammer!” The voice of Liza echoed through the air.

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