"If you need help on this adventure, just yell out Help Me!"

(Contains spoilers on the new adventure!)

Come, everyone. Let me tell you the story of Awesome thewolf. It's not a very scary story, but quite strange and eerie. Now let me tell you where it all began...

I was playing the new adventure, The Phantom Beacon. I was non-member, animal was level 5. I grabbed boomseeds and water. There were lots of phantoms and I had to destroy the phantom tubes. There was about 7 other people. I was really good at killing phantoms and destroying the tubes.

So I yelled out, "If you need help on this adventure, just yell out Help Me!"

A few minutes later, a wolf named Awesome thewolf yelled out "Help Me!".

I quickly ran to the person. But when I got there, he was just standing there with no phantoms around him. I just rolled my eyes and ran back to the other tube. About 10 minutes later, the phantoms and tubes were gone from the Westfield. I knew within a few seconds, the same exact thing would happen, expect it will happen in the Eastfield. A few seconds later, it did.

Then the same person yelled out again, "Help Me!".

I ran to Awesome TheWolf and once again, he wasn't in trouble. I just ran off. Then I got bored of the adventure and left. At the same time, Awesome left too. I just ignored him.

Then he yelled out, "Help Me!" I finally had enough of him and blocked him. I went to another server.

I landed in the Lost Temple of Zios in the server Tigris. I went to Jamaa Township to trade. Then, Awesome appeared. I was not frightened by this, thinking it was a coincidence. I left once again to another server. I was in Nile. Again, he appeared! I was getting a bit annoyed and scared. Then, I went on Aldan. I was in the crowd hiding, but then he appeared. I was getting so scared and then I finally went to Drava. At that time, the server was completely empty and no one was there. I knew empty servers were the last place ANYONE would think someone else would be in. But then, he appeared. Next to me. I started to scream and went to a buddy's den. Her den was locked. I was 100% sure that I was safe and he couldn't get in. Then, I got a message from him. It said, "Help Me!" I then got scared because I BLOCKED him and I shouldn't be getting messages from him.

I logged off Animal Jam and after a few days, I logged in. I searched up his username and it said, "That jammer couldn't been found!" I sighed in relief but then I got a message from the user I JUST searched up. It said, Help Me!" I just deleted it. Everyday, I login and always get a message from him saying "Help Me!" I don't know why he's doing this. And still to this day, he messages me, "Help Me!" I never told anyone or any of my friends. But then one day, one of my friends went in the Phantom Beacon adventure and he messaged her, "Help Me!" everyday, just like me.

Now, he is still in the new adventure, the Phantom Beacon messaging someone "Help Me!" You never know, you could be next if you go there. If you search up, he will not come up. The reason he messages "Help Me!" will forever remain unknown.

Based on true events that happen to me.

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