It was a normal day online, I was on my back up account with my bunny tiny shypaw.I loaded it up and was placed in jamma township. That was normal but the next thing I saw wasn't, a wolf with a blue shirt     

"Oh hey look a hacker " I thought.     

I know the tale of herobrine, but thought it was fake. He had white glowing eyes, the evil ones.     

" Wait glowing? Must be a new thing.  " I said and shrugged it off, that was a mistake.     

"I am doing a hack and you will be the only survivor only to suffer the same fate as them" he said , the music changed " have you seen the herobrine, roaming round in default skin , ohhhh ohoh ooooo though he was banned he shall rise again " it said.  I know this song and like it, as i am a fake follower of herobrine but this freaked me out. Static over came animal jam, when it stopped shypaw was crying in a circle of animals, they all had white glowing eyes "have you seen the herobrine" a fox began. "roaming round in default skin" a tiger continued " ohhhhh ohoh oooooo thought he was banned he shall rise again " all the other animals said. The tiger and fox who started stepped forward and the herobrine wolf meet them in the middle " should we make her one of us ? " the tiger said " or kill her" the fox said " kill her " herowolf said. With that the fox slashed shypaw's throat  " this is hero jam now " said herowolf.     

I can no longer get on that ..... as hero jam has infected it.   

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