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~ Author

You want to hear the story of the Hidden Jammer? Ah, okay. It is rather disturbing for many, but I am not sure If I am going to enjoy it myself. There was an old Animal Jam legend, only the beta testers knew this legend but many did not. The legend says those who scam are doomed to meet the Hidden Jammer, Who is the Hidden Jammer? I will bring you the answer soon. "Whoever meets the Hidden is found dead." One wise Jammer said, Being annoyed by two other Jammers who were bullying him. "Yeah, right you old piece of trash!", One of the two Jammers said. "If you don't believe me, I can't stop you. Just beware of that player." The wise one said. The two Jammers said rough words to him before they scattered away towards different directions. "Oh players, always foolish these days." The wise one mumbled. "Trying to act like they've seen everything before and know everything, It is just idiotic.". The wise Jammer teleported to another Animal Jam room, While the bully-Jammers were scamming a dozen of people in Aldan, the populated server 90% of the players go to for rare-priced item trading. They scammed black long collars, headdresses, party hats and many more overrated items. 10 days passed, while the Jammers were satisfied with the amount and price of items they held in their inventory when all of a sudden, it happened. Their screen started glitching left and right, laptop/browser features dissappearing and reappearing now and then. Then, they saw him. That Jammer from all the crooked nightmares you could imagine. The Hidden Jammer. His wolf avatar was whole white, his spine was broken and he could only limp in that and that direction. His paws were anormous, with long-sharp claws stretching out and ready for attacking. His mouth was big, circle-edged, Containing radical teeth which looked like a shark fin. He slooooowly limped towards the Jammers and in a deep voice spoke. "YoU DiRtY cHiLdReN.", The moment he spoke he grabbed onto one of the scammers and started ripping their skin off. The player's avatar yowled kicking the ground and jumping to break free from the wolf. Hidden had torn their eyes off, wripped off their bare head. When he had finished with one of the scammers which collapsed at the ground, he put a stare towards the other scammer which slowly was backing away. Hidden growled, giving a sign to stay away. The scammer somehow melted, their bones and melted organs were spilled on the floor. The wise Jammer approached Hidden, Hidden dissappeared in thin air. "I thought I told them to beware of them, Heh, they are always naive little children aren't they?".