Author's Note

This story is going to based on a house party. Several surprising guests show up my mansion, CLEARLY UNIVITED, and a few surprises along the way!

So comment below if you wish to be "invited" to a house party!

-The Lonely One

Who's There?

I looked at the clock on my wall. It read 7:06.

I sighed. I really needed some sleep, but I just couldn't. I placed my head on my pillow, but then the doorbell rang.

I jumped up, confused. Who the hell would be at this old place at 7? I thought. So I raced downstairs to invesitage, since it might seem rude to not answer, for the lights were clearly on.

As I opened the door, I realized it was the fonts, and Nikki back from their weekly movie night that I always cancel on going to.

"Hey Shy! Me and the fonts brought over some friends!" Nikki said, happily.

I groaned. "...Who..."

"Let's see.. WC, Sierra, Alpha, Pipi..." She trailed off.

"Why on earth to do you bring people to my house! It's not like I'm going to have a house party on anything!" I exclaimed, bitter.

Aww, but Shy! It'll be so much fun to see who shows up! We went and put posters on all over the movie theater, the streets... Italic cheerfully said.

"YOU DID WHAT!?" I roared.

We did. We also told everyone to bring their friends, and you would also tell bad puns, read some stories, and cook food.

"You guys are nitwits! There is no way in the world I am doing that!"

Suddenly the doorbell rang again.

I opened the door. It was:

WC, Sierra, Alpha, Pipi, Tech, Checkers, and Optic. (The last two are a couple of Tech's OCs.)

I groaned again. I opened the door and let them inside, much to my distaste.

In With A Bang

After I had gotten the guests to settle down in my huge living room, we heard several crashes coming from my very empty ballroom. I raced into there, only to find several holes in my wall, and a gigantic hole in my ceiling. I stood there, looking at a brightly colored dragons and an equally brightly colored wolf on it's back. I also noticed a robot snow leapord (presumably GlAd0s, by the way it mutters under it's breath..) but what intrigued me most was the four other animals lying there, one on a now ruined table.

I sighed. "Okay, who the hell are all of you?" I asked.

"I'm Onria..and this is Moonstar.." said the dragon.

I turned to look at the two trying to kill each other on the floor.

"YOU stole those movie tickets!" One yelled.


"Enough, both of you." A female dragon entered the ballroom, slightly wet. "I am Kawaii, and these are my OCs." She told me.

I looked to two on my table. "Are those two okay?"

Kawaii sighed. "Yes, Frostbyte and Camehenian will be fine."

"-I'm hungry!" A voice yelled from one of the two battling wolves.

"Insanity Wolf, calm yourself! Courage Wolf, stop putting Isanity into a headlock!" Kawaii called.

Two two boke away from each other.

"Now, there's food in the kitchen-" I started to say, but the two wolves had already raced off.

"Kawaii, how do you manage to control these people?" I asked her.

"I don't. I let them do whatever they want Shy." Kawaii responded, and Onria, Moonstar, her, Frostbyte, and Camehenian all walked into the living room to chat with the others.

I sighed. It was going to be a loooong night.

What? This Again?

As I was about to start a uh.. story... the doorbell rang. Again.

"I'll get it!" WC jumped up and went to open the door.

When he opened the door there was:

CatQueen, The 13 Deaths and.. a hooded figure?

I drew my sword and pointed it at the figure.

"Easy now love. No need to get hostile with an old friend." The voice was male, and he sounded about 14.

I froze.

"C-Christian..?" I stammered, unsure.

The figure pulled back it hood, revealing a face.

"Who else love? You think I'd miss your party?" Christian smirked. "Oh, and could you put your sword away...."

I sheathed my sword, muttering under my breath.

Shy, is Christian...Duke..? Italic asked, carefully.

Christian frowned. "I haven't been called that in ages.."

I laughed nervously. "How about we all go into to kitchen and eat some... uh... cake?"

"Cake sounds like my type of thing." Tech said, and was the first into the kitchen. Soon, the others followed.

Surprise Vistor(s)?

"UGH! WHY DID YOU DESTROY THE CAKE CHECKERS!?" Optic screeched and turned bright red.

"I-I'm sorry! My tail just sorta hit the table and the cake fell!" Checkers stuttered.

I sighed. Yep, definitely a long night. I checked the clock. 9:10. Christian and the fonts stayed in the living room, talking.

"Guys, I'll make some more cake. Meanwhile-" I got cut off as the doorbell rang for like the 2000th time.

This time Checkers went to get the door, surprised.

Standing there were Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes, from Ace Attorney.

(You're welcome Anna.)

I held out the door inviting them in. "Would you like to come inside?" I asked.

"No, thank you, but we're just here for an investigation. Back at the office we heard several chrashes, yelling, and... a argument about cake?" Athena questioned.

I laughed. "Oh..yeah... house party that no one told me about... sorry."

"It's okay. You still have that cake?" Apollo looked over my shoulder.

"I was just about to make one." I replied.

"Could we have-" Apollo started, but Athena nudged him in the side. "No, we're just now leaving." She said.


"No Apollo."

"Fine..." The two turned around and walked back to their car, Apollo clearly upset.

"Wait, I can send some with you!" I called.

"Really!? Thanks!" Apollo raced back to the porch, and I quickly handed him a quarter of a cake from earlier that day.

"Yeah, thanks." Athena said, and they sped off back to their office.

Oh Great, I Am NOT Dealing With This...

AAAHHHAHAHAHAA~~ oh Heeehehehe! This'll be soo much fun! Ha! A voice echoed throighout the house.

"Who's there!?" Moonstar barked.

"Sounds like Domino the Confusion Soul." Kawaii remarked.

"Who?" Nikki asked.

"Domino the Confusion Soul. He sounds like he's setting up a prank.." Kawaii responded.

Oh you don't know half of it! I'm going to get Christian and Shy back together, like they once were! Ahahaha!

"YOU WHAT!?" I roared, barging into the kitchen.

You heard what I said! Kissy kissy! Ehehehehe!

I groaned. This night keeps getting better and better...

I hope you don't mind that we kinda helped plan this. Bold font said.

You weren't supposed to give us away! D: Italic complained.

"Yeah..I kinda helped too.. but it's for a good cause! You should've seen the look on your face when Christian pulled back his hood! Ha!" Nikki giggled like a young schoolgirl.

I rubbed my head. "You guys do whatever the hell you want..I'm going to my study.."

"No you aren't!" Christian called and grabbed my jacket hood.

"Ack! What the-" I exclaimed before Christian pulled me into a tight hug.

"Awwww!" Said everyone.

I pushed Christian backwards and punched him in the nose.


I stormed off upstairs and slammed my study door closed.

"Aw come on! You always go to your study! It's like- like you missed me, but you feel that if you tell me, I'll like kiss you or something! Hey, that's not actually a bad idea.." Christian remarked.

I called from inside. "There is NO WAY IN HELL I feel like that!" Actually, I kinda did feel that way, but so what? It's like he'll just run off again and destroy my heart again...


I paced in my study, muttering curses left and right.

Tonight will be much, much fun! All guests please come down to the library!! Domino's voice echoed again.

I spat out another curse.

Author, watch your language! Italic said.

I sighed. "Fine.."

Everyone's at the library Shy, shouldn't you? Bold questioned.

"No," I grumbled, "Because I'm not falling into that spirit's trap, even if there were tomatoes and Bon Jovi in there."

There was a knock on my door. I opened it, and it was Sierra.

"Shy, Christian wants to see you." She said, and moved out of the way for him to come in.

"What do you want.." I glanced at Christian.

"I-I'm sorry for leaving. I truly am. Will you forgive me Shy? I know I need to earn your trust and respect back, but.. please.. forgive me." He looked down, his face clearly red.

I sighed. "Maybe."


"I'm not sure."


He exited the room, grumbling.

"Oi, he'll never understand.." I muttered to myself.

ALRIGHT! Who's ready to parrrtttaaayyy!!!! Italic shouted and went to the DJ booth. Tonight Italic X will be playin' some sick songs for ya'll!

Italic X? Really, I thought you would've had better names Italic. Bold snorted.

Says the person who doesn't care about being called 'Boldy' by a certain someone! Italic retorted.

Hey! Not tonight! Don't talk about that! Bold replied, flustered.

Alright, alright..

[The playlist can be found here! ]

Ohh.. ohh.. so much for my happy ending.. The speakers played.

Let's talk this over... it's not we're dead..was it something I did? Was it something you said..?

Don't leave me hangin' In a city so dead..

Held up so high, On such a breakable thread

You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be..

You were everything, everything that I wanted We were meant to be, supposed to be, But we lost it!

All of our memories so close to me.. Just fade away..!

All this time you were pretending!

So much for my happy ending...

Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... So much for my happy ending Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh... Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

Party Time! Whoop Whoop?

Everyone was in the ballroom area. Italic is going to get himself killed if he keeps playing things like this.. Bold mused, and went over to Christian.

Could you get Shy down here? I can tell you want to apologize.. somehow.

"Aye, that I do... I just want her trust back..?" Christian trailed off and his eyes were glued to the spiral staircase.

I was walking down, in a long pale blue skirt and a shirt that said "So what?" The shirt was pale blue too.

"Oi! I know I'm coming down, no need to stare at me like I'm prom queen or anything!" I shouted, glaring at Bold and Christian.

Shy! Just in time for the next song! It's called "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk!

"Thanks Italic, you know I love that song!" I shouted and slid down the banister.

Pink - Raise your Glass (lyrics)03:30

Pink - Raise your Glass (lyrics)


Sierra: Right, right, turn off the lights, we're gonna lose our minds tonight-

Bold: What's the deal, yo?

Nikki: I love when it's all too much-

Italic: 5AM turn the radio up! Hey, WHERE'S THE ROCK N' ROLL!?

Optic and Checkers: Party chrasher, penny snatcher-

Dawn (From Rose's Story): Call me up if you're a gangsta!

Kawaii: Don't be fancy, just get dancey!

Me: Why so Sirius...?

Sirius: -facepalms-


Christian: In all the right ways, all my underdogs!

Me: We will never be, never be-


Bold: BUT-

Italic: LOUD!

Tech: And nitty, gritty-


Everyone: Won't you come on and come on and RAISE YOUR GLASS! Just come on and come on and RAISE YOUR GLASS!

[Verse Two:]

Moonstar: Slam, slam, oh hot damn, what kinda party don't cha understand!?

Frostbyte: Wish you'd just freak out! (Just freak out already!)

Nikki and WC: Can't stop, comin' in hot, I should be locked up right on the spot!

Rose (Rose's Story): It's so on right now! -glares at Dawn- (It's so f*cking on right now..)


Camehenian: We will never be, never be-


Everyone: And nitty, gritty, dirty, little freaks

Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass!

Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!

Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass!

GlAd0s: S0 rAiSe Y0uR GlAsS!

Insanity: Oh shit! My glass is empty..

Courage: That sucks!

Me: So if you're too school for cool.. (I mean) and you're treated like a fool...

Alpha: You can choose to let it go..,

Pipi and Italic: OR WE CAN PARTY ON OUR OWN!

Athena and Apollo: SO RAISE YOUR-

Me: -looks at wrecked ballroom- Oh, f*ck!

Everyone: So raise your glass if you are wrong! In all the right ways, all my underdogs! We will never be, never be anything but loud! And nitty, gritty, dirty, little freaks!

Bold: (So raise your glass if you are wrong) So raise your glass if you are wrong-

Athena: In all the right ways, all my underdogs,

Italic: We will never be, never be anything but LOUD!

Kawaii: And nitty, gritty, dirty, little freaks!

Insanity: Won't you come on and come on and-

Courage: Raise your glass!

Tech: Just come on and come on and Raise your glass!

Moonstar: Won't you come on and come on and Raise your glass for me!

Me: Just come on and come on and Raise your glass for me!

Christian: For me..

Are. You. Kidding. Me.


"WHOOOOP WHOOOP!" Cheered an equally loud one.

"Uh.. guys, is this the right place?" Said a quieter one.


I jumped up. "WHAT THE LIVING-"

I was cut off by Bold. You know the cursing rules Shy.

"'Ight, 'ight, I know.." I grumbled.


Three figures walked into the room. I grumbled and noticed two of them were CandyKitty, and Miss Icyfox.

"HI SHY! LONG TIME NO SEE, EH?" Candy practically yelled in my ear.

"...yep..." I winced and rubbed my head.

"AND WE BROUGHT SOMEONE!" Icy yelled, clearly overpowering Candy's voice.

"Hi...I'm katwind2archer, but you can call me Kat.." Came from the small voice.


I snorted and went to my room. What harm can a little work do me?

As I was walking up to my study, Christian motioned to Italic. He leaned over and handed him a CD.

Oh, interesting...

Christian just sighed and went to grab a microphone.

"Alright, uhm.. I want to uh.. y'know dedicate this song to Shy.. I'm really sorry for what I did.. and... and I hope you'll understand."

Strangers ft04:01

Strangers ft.EileMonty Scratch21


He began softly.

Save me..

I'm drowning so deep in the darkness..

I'm waiting for your touch to stop this.

There's smoke blinding us with goodbyes and I... Keep hope...

'Cause this feeling's different and I know,

I've staggered so long that it can't go!

Alleviate me, I'll be fine... in time!

Please remember that I miss you!

Young and reckless, what did we do?

Broken promise gone forever!

Maybe one day we'll get better..

Right by your side, that's where I'll be, In a heartbeat if you ask me!

Let's stay strangers like we're meant to, Oh, I wonder if you miss me too...

I froze. This song.. I quickly slid down the banister, trying to not disturb anyone. I hid behind a stair, singing.

Find me.. I came out.

I'm waiting right here where you left me,

Still shredded and bruised but I'm breathing!

Be brave for me, ignore their eyes, just try..

We're dancers,

And I've picked petals looking for answers!

And I've received these edges from chances,

Indelible.. but I'll be fine, in time!

I approached Christian, humming. It was getting hard to not cry.

Please remember that I miss you,

Not caring is so hard to do!

Everything we loved together, It's not the same without you there!

Feels like you were just beside me, How did time go by so quickly?

Now we're strangers but I miss you..

Oh, I wonder if you miss me too...

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Christian took my hand.

Please remember, don't forget me (I still think of you and I)

I'll be leaving this heart empty (tell me what does this all mean?)

Burn our bridges, are you still there? (are you even still there?)

All these endless circles do nothing (these circles do nothing)

And I don't know why I can't just let you go (and remember I've been waiting)

Ever since this started aching (can we go back? can we start again?)

Now we're strangers but I need you ('cause I need you)

Oh, I wonder if you need me too...

"Now do you forgive me, my precious Shystar?"

I froze. "Y-You.."

He stepped back, pain written over his face. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.. I know how much you hate it when I use your full name.."

"I-It's fine." I said shakily. "I'm heading back to my study.. carry on..." I raced up the steps without a second thought.

"Shy?" Sierra looked at the study door, then at Christian, whose cheeks were beginning to flush.

"Oh-" She started.

Kawaii cut in. "My-"

"GOD!" The two squealed and approched Christian, giggling.

"W-What?" He stammered and tried to conceal the blush on his face.

"You SOOOO have a crush on Shy!" Sierra squealed again.

"N-No I don't!" He protested.

"Sure, you don't have a crush on Shy..." Kawaii started. Christian sighed with relief.


"Oi.." Christian grumbled. He heard a noise coming from the study. He paused and listened. It sounded like.. Bon Jovi?

Bon Jovi - Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore ft03:53

Bon Jovi - Till We Ain't Strangers Anymore ft. LeAnn Rimes - Lyrics HD

Yes, it's Bon Jovi. No, I do not care. Bon Jovi is love, Bon Jovi is life.

Christian walked up to the door, listening quietly. He leaned against it, listening to me humming the words.

"Lay your head on my pillow, I sit beside you on the bed.

Don't you think its time we say Some things we haven't said?

It ain't too late to get back to that place!

Back to where, we thought it was before.

Why don't you look at me; Till we ain't strangers anymore..."


From this point on, I cannot add anymore people. I apologize, for I honestly have no idea how many people and OCs are in here, but here's a list of who I promised I'd add, and existing ones.

Me, Shystar500

Sierra, my friend

Bold Font

Italic Font

Kawaii, water dragon form

Courage Wolf, meme

Insanity Wolf, meme

Tech, Techsaur

Optic, Tech's OC

Checkers, Tech's OC

Domino the Confusion Ghost, Kawaii's OC (Leaving)

Miss Icyfox, Icy

CatQueen and The13Deaths, Cat and 13 (Leaving)

Katwind2archer, Kat

CandyKitty, Cat

Orina, Kawaii's OC

Moonstar, Kawaii's OC

Pipichek, Pipi (Leaving)

Alphaguy, Alpha (Leaving)

Dudeguy WC, WC


Rose, from Rose's Story (Left)

Dawn, from Rose's Story (Left)

Athena Cykes, Ace Attorney (Left)

Apollo Justice, Ace Attorney (Left)

Frostbyte, Kawaii's OC (Leaving)

GlAd0s, from P0rtal (Kawaii invited)

Camehenian, Kawaii's OC (Leaving)

Iluvmytwocats, Iluv (Needs to be added in)

Kipper, Kawaii's OC (Needs to be added in)

ImLonely, Lone (Needs to be added in)

Christian, my, urm, friend.

Christaladventure265, Crystal (Needs to be added in)

My apologies if you aren't able to be added in; as you can tell from that shockingly long list.. I have some writing to do.

Apologies/Author's Note

I'd like to apologize to: CatQueen, The13Deaths, and SweetKawaiiPup.

To Cat: I know you haven't had many lines in here. I'm sorry. I can't keep everyone in, take this giant bag of fish.

To 13: I know your life is like hell right now. I'm sorry for your condition and I hope you get better.

To Kawaii: I need to remove like 3-4 of your OC's. Sorry, there's just too many. (should've put a limit...)

I'll make sure all of you leave with a giant Bang!

Anyway, that's done. Here's the news.

This story is going to go in haitus like Rose's Story: A New Beginning. Sorry. I kinda want to go back to my roots and concentrate on The Shystar Chronicles: I'm Coming Home a bit more. Please don't kill me.

Kawaii: Glados, Frostbyte, Camehenian, and Domino will be leaving.

Pipichek, Alpha, Cat, and 13 will be leaving also.

This narrows down the list to:

Bold Font





Courage Wolf

Dudeguy WC




Insanity Wolf

Italic Font




Miss Icyfox







Which technically isn't very narrowed down. ._.

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