Hai! So I've been pretty bored now, so I guess I could share some ideas of how to sound better than you actually are in AJ! BTW, I DON'T mean you're not interesting :D EVERYONE IS INTERESTING BUT WE NEED MOOOORRRREEEE


So, ever got a trade you KNOW is fair, but the other person doesn't want it? Try making the color sound more exotic! Rather than saying, 'Hey, orange long for black short collar?' Try making your item sound better, by saying 'Hey, flame orange rare long spiked collar for black short?' It's technically not boasting, it's not like you're saying, 'HEY BUTTHEAD! ME EPIC LONG COOL ORANGE COLLAR FOR YO STINKY SHORT COLLAR ONLY NOOBS WUD SEY NU TO MY TRADE R U A NOOB?!!!!1111 DENIEMIDKWHDIWDOUWDNJWDJOWKWDFJDFK' Or anything that nobody is going to take. Also, for example, if you traded the orange long for the black short, and the other person asked you to add, try something like this:

You: -Trades Orange long for black short-

Other person: Add.

You: Sorry, it's already fair D: I can add small?

Other person: Hmm.... Idk...

You: Hold on wait idk D: I need to ask a friend if its fair. -waits, pretending to be jagging a friend- (This makes it look as if you are unsure if you are being fair or not.)

Other person: Okay, trade me?

You: Back! It's a little over, but okay!

You: -hopefully will get le derp black short-


Ah, roleplayI Got! An opportunity to let out your rage, gain popularity, or just spend your time in nature! But sometimes, to dismay, noboday is noticing the abandoned baby bunny, or the unusual part-dragon hybrid, or take the sorcerer wolf seriously. If you have free chat, try using fancy words. Don't worry though about having to learn every other word for 'tail' or 'eyes', you can just make some up, or use personification! If you don't know what that means, it means describing things to make them sound like something else. For example, ':Her two icy blue pools flickered gently from the stone to the twig:' means '-Her blue eyes looked from the stone, to the twig.-' Basically. If you want to be noticed, you need to sound unique, not like the typical warrior. Here are some examples and ideas for words you can make up:

Limbochriphosis - Basically 'limb', or arms/legs, with fancy junk on the end.

Visionawalious - Eyes - 'VISIONawalious'

(WIP) Created by KawaiiKoishi, who is just about to go and get some cookies XD

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