CatQueen was sitting down on some grass, eating some of her cookies from her secret stash. But then a chicken came up and said "Moo!". So CatQueen threw a cookie at it, hitting it on the beak. The chicken started pecking the cookie (which was the delicious choc-chip classic) and loved it! "Moo moo moo cookies moo!" The chicken shouted excitedly. It ran up to CatQueen and stole ALL OF HER COOKIES! CatQueen was extremely angry, upset, and annoyed at the chicken. "MY COOKIESSSSSS!!!!!" She screamed as loud as possible. But the chicken was already gone. So CatQueen had a temper tantrum so big that everyone turned into a cookie. 3 seconds later, the world exploded in a cloud of cookie crumbs that made a new solar system... The Cookie Solar System (such a creative name I know)!

THE END! Thank you, thank you!

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