This is an ongoing list of how to be the "best" Jammer ever. You can add to it!

  1. Eat your pet pig for breakfast along with your owl's eggs
  2. Scam innocent Jammers
  3. Yell "Artic Wolves suck!" at a wolf only party
  4. Be a power player
  5. Talk only in caps locks
  6. Only wear epic wonders clothing with a spiked collar
  7. Dress in orange, green, blue, yellow, red, and pink AT ONCE with wide googly eyes
  8. Scam your best friend
  9. Scam an AJHQ member
  10. Hack your best friend and AJHQ
  11. Add realistic features into Animal Jam through hacking
  12. Always side with the phantoms
  13. Say that non members suck
  14. Flash trade good items for poor items
  15. Abuse the AJ safe chat
  16. Demand you are gifted or traded in an unfair way
  17. Threaten to call AJHQ over stupid things
  18. Demand to be adopted
  19. Joke about getting hacked
  20. Lie about recording
  21. Beg for a mate
  22. Insult random Jammers
  23. Brag how rare you are
  24. Only put your best items on trade and decline everything, even if it's an over trade. Just show off!
  25. Host a giveaway at your den, then say you need to trust trade first. No flash.
  26. Ask to try on an article of unavailable or rare clothing.
  27. Only buddy somebody for their items.
  29. Say that ALL the members on AJ are bad and greedy
  30. Say that you trade back if you accept
  31. Say that you decline EVERYTHING
  32. Beg people to buy items for you with gems, tickets or diamonds.
  33. Offer codes and say you need to trust to get them.
  34. Threaten innocent Jammers.
  35. Pose as Fman122 or WretchedJungle. (Maybe even RecycledBeards, Dens or x)
  36. Interrupt videos
  37. Spam random Jammers by dressing up as the Lost Jammer (hopefully they'll surrender and hand over all their rares.)
  38. Scream at AJHQ in Jamaa Township about how they forgot to give you a Founders Hat.
  39. When role-playing as a Warrior Cat make gross noises while eating rabbits.
  40. Whenever you trade someone and they decline, say "Thanks!" So they think you're a hacker.
  41. Put mats in your den and say that you have horse coins, then lock your den.
  42. Go to the pillow room, and pretend that you constantly poop as a baby.
  43. Go into Jamaa Township and say: "GO THROUGH THE PORTAL IN MY DEN FOR DEN BETAS" and watch your friend suffer.
  44. Be a powerplayer. "KELLS NNNNNNNNNNNNN"
  46. Or pretend to be an Alpha's sibling. "COWMO ISH MAH BIG BROOOOO"
  47. Scare kids by threatening to hack.
  48. Go to another language server and try to communicate with people. "bonjour bonjour bonjour bonjour hola"
  49. Beg for membership like a freaking idiot when you already have one.
  50. Praise the necklace and start a necklace tribe.
  51. Yell "Animal Jam sucks!" everywhere
  52. Go to a ____'s Only Party and say "____s are stupid!"
  53. Flash trade
  54. Trust trade
  55. Do stupid trades, like a spiked collar for your necklace
  57. Say you're buddies with all the famous Jammers'.
  58. Advertise your channel anywhere
  59. Swear with safe chat
  60. Give out your personal contact info to somebody you've known for a week.
  61. Eat your children
  62. Yell "GET REKT OR DI SCRUBZ" everywhere you go. (If you can.)
  63. Be the ultimate Wofl and say that everyone must obey you.
  64. Tell everyone that you own a dragon. (That dragon you own can set everything on fire, right?)
  65. Tell bad puns. (That totally wasn't from Shy.)
  66. Wear the worst items and scream "I'M THE RAREST JAMMER EVER!"
  67. Lie about leaving AJ and lock everyone out of a giveaway
  68. Scream "ANIMAL JAM IS ENDING TODAY!" in a crowded server and watch the reactions
  69. Tell everyone you have an unreleased item and watch the begging
  70. Start drama
  71. Write an inappropriate word with pillows in your den and invite everyone saying there's a surprise
  72. Be rude to EVERYONE
  73. Bug the heck out of people by FNAF role-playing in Jamaa Township and kill everyone
  74. Make a tribe of your favorite fandom
  75. Make a hate team against the alphas or any animal you dislike
  76. Show off and decline every trade for your precious items
  77. Lie about everything you've done on AJ
  78. Spam the chat
  79. Form a color army and invade Jamaa
  80. Scream "I ATE YOUR PET AVOCADO" to random jammers
  81. Fangirl over fake Fman's that appear in Jamaa and scream at Jammer's who call him fake.
  84. SPAM JAGS (Spam-A-Gram)
  85. Do constant FNAF role-plays
  86. Join and leave adventures
  87. Complain about gifts you get
  88. Say "I am the best jammer ever!" everywhere you go.
  89. Go to Epic Wonders and defend it by killing everyone who goes in because only YOU can wear the items.
  90. Declare all of Sarepia as your territory and defend it by killing all trespassers
  91. Wear the bee outfit and scream "IMMA TURTLE!!!!!"
  92. Sing unpopular love songs to random people and say it was "from their secret admirer"
  93. Pretend to be a FANTABULOUS Youtuber and get glory and fame.
  94. Dress up as a beloved cartoon character and kill someone.
  95. Draw really bad pictures and send them to AJHQ.
  96. Sing Taylor Swift. Not much more to that idea.
  97. Pretend to be the lost Jammer and troll.
  98. Sing a song that everyone hates in CAPS
  99. Put nothing on trade and say "HEADRESS ON TRADE". When people ask why nothing is on trade, say it's just a glitch.
  100. Throw stale waffles off of your roof when visitors come to your den. Also throw all your pets off the roof so they will totally live!!!!!!
  101. Dramatically murder yourself and get attention and then come back to life and laugh at them
  102. Run around as a cheetah and scream "IM A WOLF!!!"
  103. Be a bee and sting everyone
  104. Cry all the time for attention
  105. Go to Sarepia Forest and roleplay die for attention.
  106. Create a wolf pack and then attack everyone
  107. Act like a noob, but really, you have good items
  108. Spell EVERYTHING wrong]
  109. Tell everyone that Taylor Swift ended the Cold War
  110. Scream that Greely and Sir Gilbert are phantoms
  111. Offend EVERYONE and hide your nametag so you can watch the rage
  112. Be a cheese block and form a cheese army
  113. Form a food army and go to war with the normal jammers
  114. Yell false info on updates in Jamaa in a full server
  115. Talk to nobody and say "IM TALKING TO GREELY'S GHOST"
  116. Be a phantom and kill everyone
  117. Start carrot/poop/banana/shrimp rebellions and invade people's dens
  118. Roleplay as a very overpowered animal or creature "KEELS IN ONES POONCH"
  119. Eat another animal in roleplay
  120. Pretend to be the long-lost voodoo shaman and kill people
  121. Impersonate a famous Jammer
  122. Beg constantly for a rare item
  123. Impersonate Mira
  124. Impersonate an Alpha
  125. Vomit all over the place for no reason
  126. Try to summon the ultimate evil at the bottom of the Deep Blue by doing the forbidden voodoo dance
  127. Randomly kill someone anywhere in Jamaa
  128. Pretend you are the ultimate evil itself and kill everything in sight
  129. Follow a random Jammer all over the place
  130. Pretend you're Nightmare Foxy from FNAF 4 and bite everyone's front lobes off
  131. Scream at random people "YOU SCALE MEH!" even if they didn't scam you
  132. Sleep and yell "U STEPPED ON ME!!!!!!!!!!" if others walk over you
  133. Make a FNAF tribe and kill EVERYONE in sight
  134. Be a bunny and get adopted. Then, destroy the house and kill yourself
  135. Make a edgy clan and rule the forest
  136. Be a warrior cat and create a great clan. Then, lock everyone out and change animals to watch the rage
  137. Convince everyone that Mira is a goat
  138. Be a shark and eat everyone
  139. Interrupt conversations
  140. Adopt someone and tape them in a box to send them back to the Pillow Room
  141. Tell everyone how perfect you are with a terrible animal design
  142. Be a zombie and bite everyon
  143. Pretend to be a ghost and yell "BOO" at everyone you see
  144. Be an emo and cry all day for attention. Then, say you lie
  145. Get adopted saying that you're a beautiful innocent dog/cat... then destroy everything in sight
  146. Sing terribly as a 'bootiful' monkey and watch the rage flood in
  147. Be a very evil dolphin, go to Kani Cove and kill everyone who goes there because only you can live there
  148. Eat a poor innocent bunny as an eagle followed by a main course of wolves
  149. Pretend you're a Rabbid and go crazy and hit random people on the head with a toilet plunger
  150. Stage an act with your friend where your friend is Bowser and you are Princess Peach and you pretend to annoy Bowser... then see how others react
  151. Troll random people at dinner parties
  152. Scream "I AM TERROR IS" and bomb Jamaa Township
  153. Bring in a whole army of phantoms into Sarepia Forest and kill everyone
  154. Pretend you are Pinkamena from the MLP Creepypasta Cupcakes, trap people in your basement and kill them
  155. Be a brightly colored wolf and scream, "I AM WARRIOR CAT!" even though you look nothing like one
  156. Be a dolphin and swallow everyone whole
  157. Dress up as Purple Guy and kill everyone in a dinner party... beware the fangirls though
  158. Go to the Play as your Pet Party as an overpowered hamster and kill a snake
  159. Scream "OMG PURPLE GUY!" everytime you see a jammer dressed like him
  160. Pretend you're a pile of poo and vomit and watch people step on you, then scream "UR SHOES ARE RUIN!"
  161. Pretend you're a very snob fashionista and negatively rate people's outfits, but you yourself are very horribly dressed
  162. Make love in the Pillow Room with anyone and watch people rage
  163. Pretend you are a warrior cat and attack random people who come into your territory
  164. Become a vampire in broad daylight, be immune to daylight, and bite everyone
  165. Become a wizard and turn everyone to rocks
  166. Be a frog and spam the chat with "FROG NOISES"
  167. Attack all wolves you see, even though you are a wolf
  168. Form a meme tribe and roleplay as memes
  169. Tell others the world ends today
  170. Create a circus and shove animals in cages like in real life. Abuse the jammers by beating them to make them do tricks
  171. Make a zoo and then kill everyone
  172. Make a pillow world in your den
  173. Make a SeaWorld in your Beach House den or underwater den and poison all of the animals with phantom goo
  174. Pretend that you've come from the past and question everyone about the current year
  175. Impersonate Captain Sprinkles in bad-ass mode and eat children for your lunch (Totally wasn't inspired from Celestial Plue)
  176. Pretend you're Insanity Wolf and eat, forcibly make love, or torture everyone
  177. Impersonate Zios
  178. go to Jamaa township and scream "FMAN IS BACK EVERYBODY RUN!!1!1!1!!!"
  179. search up innocent jammers user names and scream in the township that they scammed or bullied you
  180. Make a fake account to play as FMAN and stand there to watch everyone rage and fuss at you
  181. Tell everyone in a snobby way that a famous character is your soulmate
  182. Give terrible, crummy fashion tips to well-dressed jammers
  183. Tell everyone that a new animal is coming when really there's no new thing
  184. Tell everyone that Justin Bieber is a beaver
  186. Make a Shia Labeouf tribe
  187. Become a rock and yell at anyone who walks by you
  188. Convince everyone that sheep are clouds and clouds are sheep
  189. Be a pizza and let others are you
  190. Make a terrible wolf pack and invade the Pillow Room
  191. Follow other jammers to freak them out
  192. Say bad words to innocent jammers and watch the rage
  193. Block everyone and do bad things so you won't have to listen to the fuss
  194. Go up to everybody that's the opposite gender of you and do the love emoticon to them.
  195. pretend to eat yourself
  196. act depressed to get attention
  197. act like Shia Laboof :p
  198. make a whole other account, make it a member, and act like famous jammers like aparri or wootmoo
  199. pretend to cry when nobody adopts you
  200. pretend to cry when someone declines your trade for a spike and yell "4 NECKLACES IS FAIR!" and "REPORT AND BLOCK!"
  201. pretend to be balloon boy and laugh at people and say "hi!" and "hello!" constantly
  202. JUST DO IT!
  203. tell everybody to come to your den for urgent news and as soon as your den is full lock everyone out
  204. tell people to come for something at your den when it's locked. if anybody says it's locked, ignore them!
  205. constantly yell "SO MLG" "GIT GUD SCRUB" and "MTN DEW AND DORITOS"
  206. pester famous jammers asking them to give you a spike
  207. make your animal look like they have blood on them and make the evil emoticon to everybody
  208. Tell everyone in Jamaa township that you're a noob and if they can trade you their best items to "analyze" them
  209. Beg for spikes
  210. Scream "HAXER! REPORT!" at anyone you dissagree with.
  211. Convince everyone you're a wizard from the planet Mars and pretend to turn everyone into rocks and rose bushes.
  212. Play as your favorite character VERY badly in public. Make bad impersonations for extra points.
  213. Scream the song "I'M A GOOFY GOOBER" all around Jamaa constantly. Wait for the reaction.
  214. Rant on how you hate wolves. Use good terms to watch the wolves go crazy in rage. IT WORKS!
  215. Be a dinosaur-bunny and eat EVERYTHING and EVERYONE and DESTROY THA WOOORLD!
  216. Whenever you roleplay Warrior Cats, make up "complicated" anatomy words. For example: "Her icleblux nublius tingled as she karklensiled the garbunkomplius bockchock. Marchonimusaly, the oompa loompa rominus cablominused when her jockrockbockity stretched!"
  217. Ask someone if they like you. If they say no, then just say "Oh, that's fine, I totally understand LOL!" 3 seconds later, change your fur color and say "So... do you like me now?" Repeat until they leave in a fury of rage.
  218. Whenever you notice someone saying "Go to my den for _________" in Jamaa Township, dance on top of them and say "MY DDENN FOR FREEE SPIKES!!!!! NO TRADES, FLASHES, GIFTS, ETC.!!!! EVERYONE GETS ONE!!!!!" Wait a couple minutes, lock your den, and repeat.
  219. Tell people your legend of how the universe came to be. Mention 3 large unicorns sitting on their toilet, for they are having bowel issues. Then, the unicorns spent the rest of their lives on their toilets, creating billions of small clumps of waste. Explain that every planet in every galaxy in every universe is currently floating in a unicorn's toilet. Feel free to elaborate further.
  220. Say stuff like "She snarled at the wolf, for no reason".
  221. When you see a jammer that says "Buddy me I'm new," speak in all caps and say "N00B!!!!!"
  222. Sing the SpongeBob SquarePants theme song in animal jam in Aldan. Wait for jammers to take screenshots of you.
  223. Whenever you see a jammer that you think is scamming, say "Dis guy is my bff!"
  224. When you meet a famous jammer, say, "Eats famous jammer"
  225. Tell people that you are the most famous jammer in the world and say, "Give me (insert rare here)."
  226. Convince jammers that you are very mean jammer and you are Fman122.
  227. Buddy a new jammer and say to them, "Become the most famous jammer in the world." Your wish will come true in seven days, but beware what you wish for, cuz u just might get it.
  228. Stand on top of people while they're advertising.
  229. Create an underwater den and fill it with shoals of minnows. Scream "GIVEAWAY MY DEN" in Jamaa Township. Laugh as people enter your den and instantly crash.
  230. Form a clan that only cares about memes. Your clan mates won't know that its a MemeClan.
  231. say eats panda for breakfast
  232. Make an account called randomness___.
  233. f a r t
  234. Go to Aldan, dress as a stereotypical Arctic Wolf with a headdress and a spike, and scream "I'M SITTING ON A TOY LET POPPING ON A TOY LET" and let people take screenshots.
  235. Say "Poops on u" to whoever you meet.
  236. Go to giveaways, and scream that whatever is being given away is dumb.
  237. Go to Sarepia forest and say "TILLS EVERYONE NO MISS NO HEAL MEME CLAN WINS!!!!111!!1!!"
  238. Go to random servers and be a Spinnyboi, and spin on anyone who complains.
  239. Log on at random holidays and scream " HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TOE CHEESE"
  240. Make yourself look like you have blood on you, and say "OMG I AM SO ALIVE I AM ANGEL OF ALIVE!!!!111!!!111"
  241. Make many different accounts, Dress them the same, and scream "NMS RULE" and step on all the members.
  242. Spam everyone with jags saying "POOOOOP"
  243. Send jags to random people saying "FREE SPIKE IN GIFT" and put a necklace in the gift.
  244. Say "LOL THIS LEI IS THE RAREST ITEM" and put a lei on trade.
  245. Say "IT"S EVERYDAY BRO WITH THE DISNEY CHANNEL FLOW" in the pillow room and watch everyone scream at you.
  246. Go in the pillow room and spam everyone mail saying Let's go to your den! and watch everyone go to their dens.
  247. Turn your animal all black with white X eyes and a blood red splatter pattern and wear a spike (especially red or black ones), then run around in Jamaa saying "BEWARE SPIKES DESTROY YOUR ANIMAL! IT HAPPENED TO ME" in any way that doesn't get blocked from the chat.
  248. Troll the h*ll out of people.
  249. Eat your rares.
  250. Eat WisteriamoOoOOOOOOOO00000OO0o0o0on
  251. eAt EvErY jAmMeR!!1!1!!!!1!1!1111!1!
  252. Complain about Wootmoo being an item generator even though he said he wasn't
  253. Make your pet rooster and baby chick eat chicken
  254. Nom the YouTube logo
  255. Fart, POO, Vomit and put boogers in famous jammers
  256. Be a boy, look girly and say you are a tomgirl
  257. Steal Aparri
  258. Steal stuff
  259. dunT YUUZE gRammer.,
  260. Annoy people by obsessing over their perfect feet, especially famous jammers
  261. Glitch AJ so AJHQ gets annoyed
  262. Ask for clothes because you are famous
  263. Steal people's snowcones in AJPW because that's a feature in AJPW
  266. Make a new jammer account and dress it up as Aparri, then run around in Jamaa Township screaming "I AM APART I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  267. Yell at AJHQ to fix login world errors until you are banned
  268. Reference random stuff that TOTALLY nobody knows about with a twist "PPAP STANDS FOR POO POOP AHHHHH POO"
  269. Talk about how you pooped in the toilet and took out the poo and ate it like any sAnE pErSoN wOuLd DoO0!!!111!!!1!1!1!111!!!!!
  270. Go up to random people and say "I ENJOY THE CONSUMPTION OF YOU"
  271. Yell "STRIPES CLUB" and get banned
  272. Stalk famous jammers
  273. Call famous jammers by their real name and yell at AJHQ for not letting you tell them to join your stripes club
  274. Annoy famous jammers and AJHQ until they can't log on anymore
  275. Say "ADOPT ME" in the pillow room and then kill your parents while they sleep. Rinse and repeat until banned. Make new account and repeat cycle.
  276. Dress up as one of those cliche Aldan bridge zombies (Arctic wolf, look as rare as possible and put all your rares on trade.) and 'sing' the following in all caps: HELLO FROM THE ALDAN BRIDGE! MY LOOK IS SO BAD IT WILL MAKE YOU CRINGE! I MADE IT TO SHOW OFF ALL OF MY RARES! NONMEMBERS ARE GROSS THEY DON'T COMPARE TO MEMBERS! (This is to the tune of Hello - Adele. I wrote these lyrics myself when I was 9.) P.S. This can be funnier if you do it as a nooby looking New Jammer. It all depends on the people around you. Although sometimes they don't take you seriously when you're a New Jammer. ~rainbowmagic2006