Su wone dai I wus at skool (sadly)

Mah teacher appears n sais to meh "dere is nu escape"

Wth???? Demented teacher o.o

-goes to pe but cris in coner cuz cannot do it cuz broken arm-

Frend says "theres nu escaape huehuehue!!111"

From waaat? Why did mi teacher dement MAh fRenD tooo!!! DDD:

-bell rings fr brake and runs to lockr and hides-

-Headmasters head appears from above-

Huehuebueeeeee theres nu escape!!11!!!

-le screem-

nO eSCapE frOm wAt!!!???!!111

Headmaster: huehuebueeeeee ull see!!1!

-goes to readin class and falls into book and calls fire brigade to get meh out-

-goes to lunch-


-sees what there is no escape from-

-the menu says: fries (there's no escape huehuebueeeeee111!!!)-

Le gasp!


-extreme screaming and static-

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