Twister is a normal raccoon living the life of a normal jammer. Well, used to be normal. When she ventures out into the Phantom Fortress as a dare by her friends, she gets captured by the Phantoms, and thrown into a cage. There, she is used as an experiment by the Phantoms, and gains the wings of an eagle. Twister knows that she isn't the only one that is a Hybrid, which is what the Phantoms call their experiments, and plans to find them. While on the way, the Alphas call for the help of the Hybrids, as a mysterious dark force, even more powerful than the Phantoms, approaches Jamaa.

Yo guys, Wolfandpizza here and I'm going to be writing a story of my character, Twister, who was featured in my latest story, Hero. (If you haven't read it already, check it out!) This is currently a Work in Progress (WIP), and I will write the first chapter as soon as I plan out the story. Anyways, you can let your character join the story by commenting yours down below. Keep reading and writing folks! And be sure to keep an eye out for the first chapter of Hybrids! ~Wolfandpizza

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