The wolf crawled from its grave. He was decorated with orange lightning bolts, all white eyes, and black fur with white tips. He had a non-member sword equipped to his back. His tail, the legendary skullies. His paw had the normal silver glove for non-members. His head, a fox hat.

As he fully arose, his bones cracked as he got into place. His bottom jaw was hardly intact. It was hanging by the remaining flesh of his mouth. He stared into the darkness, Jamaa was a far walk ahead. He looked down at his tomb. It read "Awesome LargeClaw. Friend, son, warrior, genius." He continued to stare at his tomb, expressionless.

He clumsily put one paw forward, his claws tapping the ground. They were still razor sharp, as they were when he was alive. He saw the bright night lights of Jamaa far ahead. He was lost in memory. As he stared, he saw the ghosts of his past dance around Jamaa in replacement of all who were currently there. On the inside, he was smiling.

He wandered the graveyard, visiting the tombs of old friends. He would bow his head at their graves, yet silent. Finally, Awesome LargeClaw made his way towards Jamaa. As he got closer by the hour, the voices of Jammer's grew louder. The scent of everything grew stronger. The lights became brighter. Memories of his past continued to dance in his head.

His eyes grew wider, he had plans in mind. He wanted revenge. He was killed for having too many rares. He was greedy, that he certainly was. He never made much of an effort to do anything that people wanted or suggested. He would never lift a paw to help another Jammer.

The flashbacks continued, they grew more and more clear with each step. His eyes were as wide as they could get. It was as if he was stuck in a trance, yet walking forward. No hint of emotion. No hint of life inside him.

There he was. Jamaa. Nobody noticed him, he was watching them all in the river. The river's current was taking his remaining fur and flesh around his ankles and paws piece by piece, yet no pain surged. He crawled up the river's back, mud covering his torn up paws. The Jammer's stopped and stared.

He glanced back and forth. He saw the Jammer's backing away in fear. Quiet cries rose from the children, total silence washed through Jamaa. LargeClaw lowered his head, ready.

He swung his head up, an ear falling off. All of his teeth showed.

"IM STILL ALIVE! WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HELL, MORTAL JAMMERS!", he screamed demonically. Bits of blood spat onto the ground. His entire cry was heard through not only Jamaa, but as deep as the Deep Blue and as far as Mt. Shiveer. Jammers froze in their tracks, ears back in fear and their eyes wide. Mothers pushed their children in with their tails and held them close, alert.

After what seemed hours, the silence broke, the sky was gray and empty. Jammers cautiously walked in towards each other to form a circle, shoving the kids in the middle. They began discussing their plans to this strange event in low murmurs. The kids were frightened, but were also comforted by their parents surrounding them.

WIP (I have no idea what to write next plz help in the comments if you have any ideas)

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