Laughing Magicstar, a fox completely immersed in AnimalJam traditions and a member of the news crew was bouncing through Jamaa Township when she saw a nonmember tiger dancing and calling out with requests.

"Restaurant my den, we're hiring!"

She clicked their user tag, friends4evaaa and went to their den.

It was a Small House den, and she smiled at the waiters there, but they barely noticed her as they delivered food to customers with unblinking stares. She sat down at a diner booth and waited until a wolf came along and asked her, "What do you want, dinner?"

As she was not reading this, she said, "Yes. I want dinner. Can I please have a pink lemonade and I'll have some chicken soup with that, please."

The wolf walked off, a blank stare printed on his face. Laughing muttered to herself, "That was a little strange. He didn't even ask if I wanted anything else..."

She looked at the menu that the waiter had for some reason not taken away.

She read the descriptions.


Friends4Evaaa's Diner

~ FoxTail Soup ~ A delicacy similiar to ox tail soup, with fox tails

~ Roasted Penguin ~ Add mashed potatoes for 5 gems

~ Soup ~ -null


And so on.

She recoiled as soon as she read the first thing on the menu. "Fox Tail soup?" Gosh, I hope that isn't literal! She looked at the soup, and how the soup did not have a description. She stared at it intently, pressing her snout up against the menu, and found some faded out text:

Add blood for 2 gems per ounce. Add bones for 5 gems per ounce. Add organ samples for 10 gems per ounce.

She was disgusted. She clicked the world button, and saw familiar places. When she clicked to go to Appondale, she saw a different sign: Friends4Evaaa's den. She moved her mouse from place to place- same results. She pressed log out, disturbed, and it did nothing.

She clicked again and again, and finally a message popped up.

"IT HAS NOT BEEN SERVED!' Oh my gosh! she thought, what type of glitch is this! 

She exited out, and saw her waiter holding a bowl of soup.

"Eat, dinner."

It was a bowl of poorly chopped up chicken, filled with watery broth in which floated some sad pieces of celery.

"Thanks. It looks... delicious."


She took a tentative lap of the soup, which she swallowed, practically gagging.

"Mmmmm... So... tasty..."

"Dinner is waiting. Bon Appetite."

She looked up.

She saw her waiter, and a black wolf standing alongside him.

"Dinner awaits. Dinner is served. The bait has been set. Please eat."

The waiter left.

The black wolf approached, and Laughing widened her eyes as she realized what was dinner. Who the waiter was serving. What the bait was.

She shrieked in pain as she was mutilated and dismembered alive Pain shot through her tail, as it was being ripped off " AHH! ," she screamed, " let me go!!!!"  Before her last breath slipped out of her muzzle, she heard:

"And I'll have some soup with that, please."

Thanks for reading! Please put your thoughts in the comments from some constructive criticism.

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