I was playing Animal Jam, and decided to go on the server Aldan, the most busiest server!

Although, things didn't go as planned, when I opened up the server list, there was only a server called HELL. I was curious, who would put this in a kids game?! I thought to myself as I decided to click it. What I saw was unexpected. Blood was everywhere! ( <-- the picture) I was horrified, again, why would someone put this in a KIDS GAME?!?! I was really mad. I called AJHQ, and told them! AJHQ responded with "We do not recall putting in a server called Hell" or something like that.. I decided to explore and I saw an all black wolf, with all black eyes, just staring at me. I tried to move my character away, but I was not able to. I was at this point, more than horrified!

The wolf crept towards my fox as I had a shiver down my spine, when he was really close, I saw the message 'You were gone for too long and have been logged out! Click OK to play again!" I made my cursor go towards it, but it was grayed out, I logged out and tried to log in, but when I attempted to log in, it said I was suspended! I tried to call mom, but no answer. 'Great, home alone.' I thought to myself.

I tried to log in again, I succeeded, but all my items were gone. I had no gems, no diamonds, and no tickets. My animal was plain black with no eyes as well, just like that strange jammer was! Then, the wolf went up to my animal again, this time with a chainsaw, and decapitated her head. My poor fox let out a bloodcurdling scream in the process. I felt sad for Twinkle. I tried refreshing but it didn't work, then suddenly, somebody kicked down the house door, and made their way down to the basement, where I was. I then, got stabbed in the back with a knife, and died. That was my story of how I died, thank you for listening to me.

YoU'rE nExT.

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