A long, long time ago, Jamaa was much more different than it is today. It had this area, almost like an Utopia filled with many citizens. Mira, Zios, and their court Alphas watched over this place in their palace of dreams. But there was something coming, they could sense it. One night, day never came. Mira could not find Zios, for he was lost forever. The Utopia became filled with the stench of grief and darkness lurked around. Most never even survived the hate, for they could not handle it. Mira's tears fell for her love and children of which she created. From those tears, she created a true darkness. Phantoms have evolved into being less menacing, but you see, phantoms could always strike fear in the heart of the gentle, sweet citizens of the Utopia. Mira, horrified from what she had made, caged them in walls made from her many souls. Mira's imprisonment of her newest, ugliest children caused this. The children, treated like they were trash, became enraged. She was never seen again, for her souls, her spirit was stuck in the gems holding on to what else.

The phantoms began to ravage the Utopia, manifesting fears. A sandstorm befell the amazing Utopia. The sun came up, sure, but it had not emitted love. it just emitted heat. It wasn't Zios. The part of the world we called Utopia was destroyed, and the walls of Mira's soul were deteriorating over time because of the sand flying above.

The new animals, made by Zios, were not aware of their mission, to destroy the evil lurking in this world. A tiny group of animals though, the ones that got through the barrier of air, could fly now. The Alphas, looking over a desert they used to call their home, decided to get the gems of Mira's souls. The desert had a few tiny structures, probably created by phantoms. But they never found the gems, for they were hidden for those who had a heart steadily hand-crafted by a god. The eagles' hearts were the finest ones to live with. The Eagles were Zios's animal, of course. They were recruited to find the gems. The Alphas knew what they had to do to get Mira out. Before the phantoms were released by them, they traveled to find what would release Mira from her spell. Nothing else, but the ugly children brought down to Jamaa to endanger the world once again.

Greely had to control them, for that was his interest in the children of Mira. His interest would always be Mira.

The gems still haven't reacted. Is it because Jamaa is in a state of discord? The thing behind these events is still lurking. It's probably just waiting for an opportunity.

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