Tech was browsing deviantART on her account, the username Aussedae. She was simply looking through art and was thinking about the note she had got. She had an offer to help out with a crummy, joke animation series called "the kawaii quest to the death."

Suddenly, BING!

"CONGRATULATIONS! You have just won a free iPhone! Click okay tu confirm."

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" Tech screeched, nearly flinging her PC across the room.

"...tu confirm. TU CONFIRM. I'm done."

Tech left the room.

(this is a true story in a way. if you go on my dA account aussedae yep that's my real account and go to favs, you'll see a kawaii quest to the death thing by RhinoKitty. she offered me to help out with the future acting :D she'll also be using a plot i made up randomly about the world ending lel

it tru. see fo yoself.)

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