One day, Tech and Taylor were just playing videogames at her house. They were playing SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL Tech got from Best Buy. Taylor was using with the character Pikachu, while Tech used Lucario.

"Haha, gotcha!" Tech said, kicking Taylor off the edge of the platform the characters were on.

"Darnit!" Taylor growled, losing the match.

"Should we play th-" Tech was cut off by a loud thud coming from above. She looked up, hearing the same noise again. It played over rapidly as it got louder.

"WH-WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" Taylor screamed. Tech went up to the window and pulled back some of the blinds.





"HOLY SWIZZLESTICKS!" Tech shouted as a chair hit the window, causing her to fall back. She watched all sort of chairs fall onto everything outside. They hit the ground, most of them breaking when they hit the ground. The clouds were very dark gray, lightning flashing between them as the chairs fell from the sky. The two simply stared in amusement as some people got hit by chairs.

"Weird things happen here," Tech said. Taylor nodded.

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