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NOTE (PLEASE READ ALL THIS BEFORE EDITING): This is my first Creepypasta ever so please give me feedback. It might not be as scary as some of you may have liked but just bear with me There's also a lot of hidden logic in here if you know what I mean so let me know if you notice any of this.

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I woke up Thursday morning and immediately went to my computer to play Animal Jam. What was better than spending a day off playing video games?

I'd just started a new YouTube channel and aimed to be famous and I decided to do a Live Stream. I went to an empty server and sat down as a wolf to start talking to my watchers like normal.

I thought nothing of it when an all black wolf appeared and just ignored it like I usually would, typing excitedly about how I got a black long the previous day and was going to do a giveaway. I clicked on my YouTube tab and saw that the amount of viewers was growing. But something was wrong- the people in the comments section seemed to be either freaking about someone and calling them creepy. I had no idea what they were talking about and clicked back on my Animal Jam tab.

The black wolf was behind me now, sitting like I was. Its name tag read Laughing Shiverspirit. This was a bit annoying because it was interrupting my stream, so I moved instead to Sarepia Forest.

I appeared and slid down the slide when I realized that the same wolf was there, shadowing me. I locked my den and entered. But the wolf was still there, right behind me, saying "..." over and over again as if it was trying to speak to me.

"Who are you?" I typed nervously, fiddling with my hair in real life and peering behind me every now and then.

"I am your shadow," the wolf replied. "Nothing more."

I shuddered. It was almost as if I had just heard the same statement in real life, coming from my real shadow. There was something truly wrong and I could tell, but I just pushed the thought aside. I decided to go somewhere where I could turn into my eagle and fly up where the wolf couldn't get me.

I traveled to Sarepia Forest and transformed into an Eagle, flying up onto the roof of the movie theater that nobody ever goes to. But the wolf was there. It climbed up the roof as if there was an invisible ladder, and it was right behind me once again.

This was getting extremely annoying. "Will you stop? I'm filming," I typed. "You're ruining the whole video."

The wolf laughed. I don't know how I knew, but it did. It used no emoticon. It was almost a voice in my head now, taking over. My thoughts were beginning to get a bit jumbled and confusing.

"You see," Laughing Shiverspirit began, "Running away from your own shadow..."

"Is like running away from your future," said a voice behind me. I was too shocked and afraid to turn. I felt claws dig violently into my back and screamed, falling to the ground, bleeding. My computer fell with me and I watched as the shadow ripped apart my eagle, Countess Majoreagle as it simply stood there, helpless without someone to control it. And everything that was happening to my eagle was happening to me. The shadow was laughing now, as it tore me into shreds. I could no longer make any noise at all, but my head was screaming louder than I ever could.

I'm done for, I thought, slipping slowly into a world of darkness and pain.

I jolted awake, somehow in pain from my nightmare. Not remembering my dream, I got up and went on Animal Jam. I logged in.

My thoughts were jumbled like in my dream, and I was feeling really dizzy. My shadow is taking over, I thought, laughing manically as if this was the best "joke" I've heard in my life. My laugh sounded a bit like that in the dream. But then I realized that my mouth was not moving. The noises were all in my head. I was barely in control of my own self anymore.

That wasn't a dream. I had to try really hard to think my own thoughts. I shakily moved my hand to my back. The clawmarks were still bleeding furiously and most of the ground in my room had turned a dark red. I'm a new person now...

I logged on and went to a nearly empty server, sitting down behind a girl Arctic Wolf with a long black spike collar. The one I no longer have, I thought, grinning to myself despite the pain I was feeling.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I am your shadow," I replied. "Nothing more."